Friday, September 2, 2011

Here fishy fishy fishy!

My kids are crazy about fishing. Correction - they are crazy about catching fish. They are not always the most patient little guys if the fish aren't biting.

One night this summer we went over to Grampa Paul's house and the fish were biting like crazy! I have never seen such a variety of fish caught in a couple hours. It was a fun night with some perfect over cast lighting. I was very glad I had my camera along. These turned out to be some of my favorite pictures from this summer.

Little sister is not afraid to hold the fish or the worms. She might like pink, but she is determined to show her brothers she is as tough as they are!

Spencer caught this pretty good sized fish. We weren't sure what kind it was. It was mostly black so Trent was thinking a Black Bass. We tried to google it when we got home but were still not certain.

See what I mean?

Spencer was even successful on the Barbie pole.

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Brandi said...

Wow! You did get some great shots! I've probably said this before, but your boys have the most amazing eyes!