Monday, September 12, 2011

Hailey's first day

Hailey didn't really think it was fair that her brothers got to go to school a whole week before she did. She couldn't wait to see her teacher, her friends, her new classroom and her new school. Our district just shut down the building where the kids had previously gone to preschool. I was kind of bummed because that building is less than five minutes away from us. Now our commute to the new school is about fifteen minutes. I know it isn't that long, but my two and a half hours of free time suddenly dropped to two hours.

I know in this first photo she doesn't look very excited, but she was. The problem was that she heard a garbage truck the next street over. She is terrified of the garbage truck and therefore the garbage men.

A picture of me and my girl with the tripod and self timer. Could we look any less alike? Also my hair looks so dark in this photo. I guess our summertime tans and lightened hair is fading faster than we know.

She is such a big girl now that she gets to keep her things in a locker outside of her classroom. Her locker partner is her friend Addison from soccer.

Have a great year big girl! I know you will love school and have a terrific year!

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