Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday moments

Last week was another crazy busy one around here.  I don't want to jinx anything, but so far this week is shaping up to be pretty low key and I think all of us are pretty excited about that. 

Last Tuesday Hailey and I started Girls on the Run.  She is a GOTR and I am a head coach.  Here is my group of fourteen little lovelies that I get to empower over the next ten weeks. 

I was very impressed with Hailey. On her first day she ran/walked a mile and a quarter.

On Thursday she had me send this photo to Daddy at school to wish the cast and crew good luck.  Daddy sent it all over his school so by the time she got to the show that night she was famous.

Friday was Mismatch Day for March is Reading Month.  It is always funny how much my kids love the spirit days.

On Saturday afternoon we participated in our first Girl Scout Cookie Booth.  It was a very nice day so the girls had a ton of sales.  They sold almost 300 boxes in four hours!

Saturday night we went back for the final show of Wizard.  While we were looking for Spencer after the show, Hailey spent some time in the witches castle.

Selection Sunday.  It was dreary out, but warm so the kids spent some time shooting hoops at the neighbor's house.  I laughed my head off each shot Evan took.  He threw the ball like a granny every time.  It gave me an idea though that a hoop might be a good Easter gift for the kids.  They are not super into basketball, but neither was I and I always wanted a basketball hoop growing up.

Here's to a good week coming up.   Everyone is healthy (but tired from our time change)!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday moments...(and it's actually Monday!)

This is going to be very quick because I have to shower and get the the grocery store before work.  This week is a busy one and at least having some food and meals planned out will make things seem a bit more manageable. 

Tuesday:  It was freezing out and I was feeling awful.  I came home from work got in the chair under my blanket and my little kitten friend hopped on to make me even warmer.   I am keeping my fingers crossed that I am finally  nearing the end of this crud.  I changed my medicine to one that dries up the snot instead of clears the head.  I can't tell you how amazing it is to be able to go for a full five minutes without blowing my nose. 

 It's the little things y'all.

Wednesday after DI practice.  Evan helps with dinner by grilling burgers - in his DI costume.

On Thursday as Evan and I were heading out to DI practice, Hailey had a cheery note in the window.

Friday was the Father Daughter Luau.  I hope to do a more extensive post on that and the DI tournament, but just in case I don't here is a sneak peek.

Saturday:  Evan's team came in first place at DI.  He was so thrilled.

OK.  I am off to get some stuff done around here before my energy and motivation goes somewhere else.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Monday moments (on Thursday...)

Last week was super busy for us which might be the reason that this week I am sick with a cold and cough.  

On Monday Hailey came home from yoga very excited to show me some of her new poses. 

Later on Monday we went to pick up Evan at cooking club where he made a delicious homemade peanut butter cup thingy.

On Monday night we went to the HS for a meeting on scheduling for next year.  I can't believe I have a child old enough for high school.

Then again...after borrowing "readers" from a friend of mine at the HS meeting, I decided it was finally time to take the leap.

Thursday was crazy.  Parent teacher conferences.  I was in charge of the PTO dinner for the teachers and had to take my in person CPR training.  Hailey helped me set up the buffet for the teachers.  Hanging out in the lounge makes her feel like a super star.

Friday was another half day for conferences.  Hailey and I went to Russ' for lunch after school.

Then we hit Kohl's to spend some cash.  We found these shoes for her to wear to the Father Daughter Luau.  She LOVES them.  It is hard to tell in the picture but they are a chunkier flip flop so they almost look like high heels.  This girl was sold!

After shopping we watched the first two episodes of Fuller House.  It was so nostalgic and cute.  We both loved it.

Saturday I spent some time trying to organize my paper clutter mess.  This is a big source of stress for me.  I wish so badly I could get these photos and memorabilia into scrapbooks but just have no time. Ugh!

On Sunday we spent some time hiking around Lake Harbor park.   Hailey wanted to go on a dangerous hike.  Whatever that means.

It was a good end to a busy week.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

He takes his battles seriously

March is reading month which means there are going to be a lot of fun things happening around here that have to do with books and reading books.

Evan came home from school with a sheet I had to sign that acknowledged that I would support him in his reading so he could participate in the 6th grade Battle of the Books.   From what I understand the kids in each English class are assigned into groups of five and then have to spend the month each reading a book and then will have to answer questions about the books quiz bowl style.  After you finish your initial book you can read as many of the others that you want - as long as you are finished within the month.

I told Evan that I recalled when Spencer did the Battle of the Books he came home with a medal.  I don't remember if it was first place or not but I know his team did well.  Evan then asked me who Spencer's English teacher was and when I told him he said that is why he won - the teacher's class has won every year for the past ten years or so.  Evan really wanted to win so his teacher could finally get some Battle bling. He went on to say he wasn't sure it would happen because his team was less than stellar.  He said he would read and another girl would be into it and one of the boys would probably be alright, but he was pretty sure the final two kids on the team wouldn't read a word.

I was kind of joking when I told him that he was a reader and that he could just read all five books and try to carry the team.

I laughed out loud when he told me that was what he has been planning to do.  He finished his first book over the weekend and is half way into his second.

That kid.  I can't even.  He makes me so happy.

I feel another win coming on.