Saturday, October 24, 2015

Half day hike

Two days in a row of no recess because of half days.  My kids (and me) really needed to burn off some energy.  We decided to take a short hike to the beach.  As we neared the turn off to the path to the beach, I remembered the kids had been curious about where the "rock" was that marked the mile turn around point for Daddy and Spencer's summer runs.  Since I had run with Spencer twice to the rock, I knew where it was.  So we headed there first. 

A quick break on some pleasantly arranged logs and a group nature selfie.

As we were walking I noticed the time was 2:00.  The boys had informed me that the cast list for the middle school musical was due to be posted by two.  I told Evan that we would head up to one of my favorite spots in the dunes overlooking the lake and bring up the file on my phone.  I told him whether it was good news or bad news there was really no better spot to make you feel like whichever way it was is the way is it supposed to be. To which Evan replied "then if I don't make it, it will be easy to just throw myself over the cliff."  He was kidding of course but that right there in perfect comedic timing proved that he deserved to get a part in the show.

They both got cast!  Spencer has a bit part with the role of Uncle Henry and Evan got a part in the ensemble.  And he found a piece of paracord - the day kept getting better!

The day was fairly warm and not windy.  We were having the best time exploring and checking out the amazing scenery and colors.

Evan even stripped off his shoes and went in the water after a lottery ticket that was washing ashore.  He was sure it would be a winner.  It was half ripped.  Strangely enough, about 50 yards up the beach we found the other half - then had to walk back for the first half that he had left.  Both halves together sadly did not equal a winner.  (Upon further inspection, Hailey thinks there is still a part missing - she thinks it was ripped in thirds and we should go back for the third piece!)

After all of our exploring we realized that we were out walking for around two hours!  We were pretty tired after our fun filled afternoon in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


This kid.

We had a rough week not long ago where we had different ideas on what constituted starting out the year on a good note.  Fortunately with a little mandatory technology withdrawl it all worked itself out rather quickly.  

At his cross country meet last week as he was running through the chute toward the finish line his show came off.  His coach (who is as fast as lightening or has clones - I swear during these meets he is everywhere you look) grabbed it out of the way before anyone else tripped on it.   He looked at us and said next time I am going to duct tape it on.  To which I replied "Was it even tied in the first place - because most of the time it isn't."  Just think how fast the kid would be with shoes secure on his feet! 

While we were waiting to get in to see the dermatologist (because he has been blessed with skin like his mother. Sigh.) I looked over at him and just chuckled inside at his fashion statement.  He wears those bracelets everyday to school.   Hmmm.

The latest is that he has a girlfriend.  I can remember back to my eighth grade crushes but OMG this is my BABY!

Lord, beer me strength,

Friday, October 2, 2015

Trapped in my phone...

Since I got a phone upgrade yesterday, I was playing around a bit today and found these little gems that I had "written down" in my phone notes for posterity.  Some of them were years ago, but they take me right back and make me laugh.


In no less than five minutes after arriving at our room at the Soaring Eagle...

Hailey: Check for bed bugs.

Evan: This place is fancy.  There are no bed bugs at a fancy hotel like this.  Some people bring like 500 dollars and all their hopes!


Hailey after tasting spinach dip...

Hailey: It tastes like fish....and soap.


On our UP vacay...

Dad: We are going to stop at a place where Monk's live and bake bread.

Hailey:  Are they human?


Playing Apples to Apples.  The topic is slimy.  Spencer puts down treasure.  Evan is the judge.

Evan to Spencer:  It's sliiimmmy not shhhiiiiiinnny.  With his "accent" both words sounding exactly the same.


Thanksgiving topics...

Evan to Dad:  If the Mayflower wasn't so rough I think you would have liked it.   All they could drink was beer.


A walk through the woods....

Evan to Hailey:  Since Spencer and I are the hunters of the family maybe you should be a trapper.

Hailey:  And like TRAP things????  How do you think I would have the guts to do that when I cried so hard when there was a little bit of blood on the ball we were throwing to Goldie?