Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I love dressing the kids up in festive Halloween clothes. Hailey's super cute ensemble was all garage sale. I LOVE the girly skull and crossbones sweater!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sand angels and sand fences

The waves on Lake Michigan were predicted to be huge over the weekend. When Hailey walked into the office and told me that we should ride down to the lake and check out the waves, she didn't have to ask me twice. None of the boys wanted to come along, so it was just the girls heading out to brave the gale force winds.

When we got down to the road that heads along the lake there were signs up saying that the road was closed to through traffic. Other people were heading down there so we ventured on. When we made the turn I could see why the road was closed. There was sand and blowing sand covering the road. I saw a few brave or crazy souls attempting to drive through, but when you see vehicles with four wheel drive struggling, you just know that the mini van is not going to make it. I quickly did a three point turn and got the heck out of there.

We drove down to Bronson Park. Not as picturesque, but at least we could get near the beach without having our car stuck in a foot of sand.

There is something about snow fences that I love. I know their purpose is for the snow. That I don't love. One of the sure signs of spring is when those babies come down in April or May. I don't know what it is - the shadows they cast, the crooked lines, they seem haunting to me a little bit.

Once again, the waves were not as big as I imagined they would be. It was super windy though. Blustery, as Hailey would say - a new word she learned at school this week.

She used the palette of fresh blown sand to make angels.

She could have stayed at that beach playing in the sand for hours. It was cold and blustery though so my old lady bones couldn't take it for long.

I love the wind ripples in the sand.

I set her on the walkway railing for this shot and she was afraid that she was going to blow off. It was not but four feet from the ground, but I guess that is a long way for a little girl.

I love the fall, but I am ready for the wind to stop blowing a bit.

Monday, October 17, 2011


Lately I feel like I am buried in my kids' schoolwork. It seems like we eat dinner, do homework and then it is time to get ready for bed. I am tired of math facts. I never liked or was good at math when I was in school. Isn't life ironic sometimes? Thank goodness their Daddy was a math major or they would be doomed.

I went to the doctor today for my sore leg. It has only been hurting since last spring. She wants me to get an xray to rule anything bone spurry out, but thinks it is just a muscle. Now I get to add physical therapy to my never ending list of activities. I hope they can figure out what muscles need to be worked on fairly quickly.

I can consistently run a mile without stopping to walk. I haven't been able to do that since before I had kids. I am pretty proud of myself.

I just found out that I have to have the boys' Halloween costumes ready by Thursday for their scout meeting. Time to get out the black spray paint.

I have really slacked off on my 36and5 blog. I know I probably have a picture from almost every day, but just haven't posted them. I am trying to get better at it because I was looking back through them the other day and saw some stuff I forgot about and was loving having it on there. I may go back and try to "back post" some stuff, it will be time consuming, but I know I won't regret it. Yeah right, in all my free time.

I am so tired tonight and I still have to go to a meeting about the school Walk-a-thon. Maybe because I got a flu shot today? I am so thankful that I can hang out in my jammies tomorrow morning. I would love to hang out in them all day but I suppose I have to make a meal plan and go to the store at some point so our family can eat something besides grilled cheese and frozen pizza.

Evan has a box hanging from our upstairs banister on a string that he has been using for practicing his karate kicks. That kid just makes me laugh. He woke up with a dry pull up today for the first time EVER. I don't know if he was just dehydrated or what, but we were all excited. Dare we hope that he is beginning to grow out of his bladder issues? Fingers crossed.

Friday, October 14, 2011


We pulled the carrots from our garden today. I don't think we should have wasted space growing carrots. They didn't really turn out stellar.

I picked some tomatoes too. We actually had two red ones! The only two large red ones from our whole garden.

We have some refiguring and tweaking to do for next year. I plan on trying again. The kids really enjoyed it and it wasn't a ton of work. Hmm...maybe we should have worked a little more and maybe would have seen better results. I need to research a bit over the winter months. One thing I know for sure - we won't be growing carrots next year.