Sunday, July 20, 2014

One month later...

I can't believe I haven't posted anything in almost a month.  I am blaming it on a busy schedule full of summer fun and the fact that it seems like my almost teenager is ALWAYS on the computer playing Minecraft with his friends.  
Anyway - here is what we have been doing over the last month in photos....
Evan took sailing lessons and loved them.  He is taking another course this week.
The boys ran their first 5K with Trent and I.   

We were slow, but we made it!  Actually only a few minutes slower than we were last year when we actually "trained".  Hmm...  I was so proud of the boys for finishing and pushing themselves to get through it.

Evan wore his sweatband from Uncle Norm for luck.
We spent time with all of the cousins this month.

Daddy's side at Chase's graduation party and Mira and Lainey when they came to stay for a few days.

We headed up north to the cabin to celebrate the fourth of July.

The boys loved playing lumberjack and cutting down dead little trees.

They practiced shooting the .22 up the river.

We fished a little bit.

Swam and fished in North Lake.

Celebrated our country's birthday.

Floated the river in inner tubes.

Hailey is still nervous about leeches when she is in certain bodies of water.

Both boys spent time at scout camp.  Evan for three nights with Daddy and Spencer for a week by himself.  It was his first time being away from us for that long and he did great.  When we went to see him on the visit night, he was having a blast.

Hailey spent the night camping with some friends in an RV.  Now she insists that we have to get one of our own.  Little does she know that if we could afford it, we would be all over that!

We participated in the neighborhood garage sale and did better than I thought we would.  We got rid of a lot of bulky stuff that it feels so good not to have to store.  Evan was my big helper all day - except for when he walked down the road and bought himself a new stuffed dog.  That boy and his stuffies!

We have had a busy month!  All that plus the little day to day things that I don't have photos of.  The boys have both had tennis almost every day and matches on Fridays.  We have been to the beach and the yacht club on numerous occasions.  We have a crazy week coming up with sailing again for Evan and Hailey is doing a theatre camp which I think she will love.  At least I hope she will.  There is much more summer fun to be had around here!