Monday, January 22, 2018

Because it's Monday and I am still here sometimes

I really want to get back into blogging.  I feel like I have conversations with myself in my head all day long.  Maybe if  I have somewhere to actually write them down it can quiet the internal noise just a little bit.  

That is pretty deep for right now though so I am going to start with a couple baby steps and just do a quick Monday Moments post of some random photos that have been living in my phone. 

Hailey a week or so ago at her annual physical.  She was devastated that she was going to have to get shots and begging for me not to ok the flu shot.  She looks a little Girl Interrupted here and the "I Love Santa" socks don't do much to help that. 

FYI - she did not get the flu shot but she got two others.  Plus she had a skin thing burned off her leg and left with a slip for a baseline xray for scoliosis.  It was the roughest appointment she has had in a while.

After school homework project with her friend.  I couldn't believe how old they seemed sitting there doing homework on their laptops.

One of Hailey's birthday gifts was Gelli Bath.  Some rando product that turns the water thick and slimy.  She said it was relaxing and she loved it.  It was actually more hot pinky than the murder scene red portrayed in the photo.  Either way I am sure it was not good for her pipes or our actual pipes so I am glad she didn't soak very long.

Spencer decided he wanted to try out contacts.  He is doing well with them but is kind of lazy to put them in in the morning.   This pair he has is a trial for us to determine if we want to order the year supply.  He told me the other day that he felt like most days he would wear glassed but then wear the contacts for show week.  I told him there was no way I was buying a year supply of contacts for him to wear for one week - the split had to be at least fifty fifty or forget it.   He is still pondering what he wants to do.

I spent most of the weekend condensing two linen closets into one.  I was amazingly proud of how well I was able to purge.  This is my bathroom linen closet after all was said and done.  Pretty amazing that a whole big closet was empty and I still had space to spare in our bathroom linen.

Empty hall way linen closet. 

Hailey and I were talking about her upcoming Father Daughter dance.  The theme this year is Red Carpet.  She tried on this dress that was my sisters for fun.  She was not super impressed with it.  I am not sure what I will find for her to wear.

So the empty linen closet we are using for a closet for Hailey.  The closet in her bedroom is way too small and as her clothes get bigger the closet is more and more useless by the day.  She is thrilled about her new space.  I just ordered some closet storage bins from Amazon so we have more to do, but so far we are all extremely happy with how it is turning out.

That is the moments from the past week or so.  Hopefully I can stay on the blog track!

Monday, October 16, 2017

So far this October...

The first day of October we spent the morning at Navy Pier in Chicago - but that is a post for another time.   So here we are midway through the month and I am happy to say the pace has slowed a little bit.  

Spencer spent the first weekend of October channeling his inner snowman for a fundraiser for his Players group.  It was a fun event for kids to get to see some characters, do crafts,  enjoy face painting and a nail salon then top the evening off with a showing of Moana on the big screen.  Hailey and Ella had fun hanging out.

Earlier that day I may have done a mini Halloween photo shoot with my favorite witch.

I got the idea of spooky photos from the Enjoying the Small Things blog and decided to see if I could get a similar effect - I love how spooky it turned out! I ordered an 11x14 and am now raiding the thrift stores to find a frame I can spookify!

Our budding chef was wildly successful in her first attempt at "eggy in the hole".  She can now add that to her rapidly growing repertoire.

On Thursday afternoon these two had parent teacher conferences so between the elementary school and the middle school I treated them to lunch at McDonald's.

Hailey has been BIG time into making slime these past few weeks.  I on the other hand could live without seeing glitter glue another day of my life.

On Saturday Trent took Hailey to see a production of Annie Jr. that was put on by special needs children and their actor mentors.  I hear it was a very moving production that gave kids that most likely wouldn't be cast in any shows a venue to participate.  This production was the first of its kind around here but I hear they are planning for more due to the wild success it was.

 I love these quiet fall weekends.  If I am in my jammies by eight o clock on a Friday or Saturday, I swear it is my favorite kind of night. 

Half way through October and so much more fun yet to come.  One of my favorite holidays is right around the corner!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Spirit Week 2017

We had a crazy busy September mostly due to the fact that it seemed like we were traveling every weekend.  Sometimes not even to the same place.   Before I dive in to all that goodness I thought I should post the pictures from Homecoming Week.  It is one of the favorite weeks of the year because of the dress up element to it.  This year it just happened to be the third week of school.  

Monday was America Day in all three schools. 

Tuesday Evan had team day.  He wore his tennis team attire.  The high school had twin day but Spencer did not want to twin with anyone. 

Hailey had dress up day (since it was school picture day).  She also had gym so she wore tennis shoes with her beautiful dress.  

We curled her hair in hopes it would last through picture taking.  Her hair will not hold a curl for anything.  She felt so fancy and confident.  She told me when she got to school at least three boys kept staring at her.  Luckily their class for first for photos so the curls kind of held up!

Wednesday was country club vs. country western for the high school.  A polo shirt was as country club as Spencer wanted to get.  Evan had athletic day at the middle school.  Hailey had athletic day as well but she was going on a field trip to Art Prize and wanted to dress a bit nicer than sweat clothes.

This boy just kills me. 

Thursday was Luau day at the high school and class color day at the middle school.   The 8th graders wore red.

Hailey had favorite team day at her school. 

Friday was of course Sailor Pride Day!  Evan didn't dress up because he was on his way to the UP with his Scout troop.

Trent and I left on Friday afternoon for an anniversary trip up north.  Grama dropped off Spencer to walk in the Homecoming Parade and then took Hailey to my cousin's street to watch it.

Spencer walked with his Players group.

Hailey and buds watching the parade.  See that bag?  The girl is ready for candy!

Saturday night was the Homecoming Dance.  I was proud of Spencer for choosing to go on his own.  I don't think I ever would have done that.  Hailey put on her matching dress for pictures.  That girl can't wait until she has dances of her own to dress up for.

We had such a fun filled September, but I am ready for October to slow down just a little bit.  I can't tell you how excited I am to have a weekend that I don't have to go anywhere!

Monday, September 11, 2017

First week

We made it through the first week of BTS and a pretty busy weekend as well.  As the newness wears off I know the easy morning wake ups and the chipper attitudes toward work to do will start to fade, but for now we are still in the honeymoon phase. 

Evan started eighth grade.  His last year in the middle school.  He is most excited about his Industrial Technology class and his favorite teachers so far are Mr. Hammond for Social Studies and Mr. Wahlberg for Science.  It helps that he has known Mr. Wahlberg his whole life and he thinks it's funny that he calls him by his neighborhood nickname while in class.   I didn't realize until the school open house that his math class this year counts as a high school credit as long as he gets a C or better.  He is happy with all of his classes and teachers and is in a good place with his friend relationships - I think he will have a great year. 

Spencer started his Sophomore year of high school.   His favorite class is his choir class.  He made the "advanced" choir and is in there with a bunch of his buddies. His favorite teachers are Mr. Martin his science teacher and his AP Government teacher - I can't remember his name.  Something with an M.   He has much more challenging classes this year.   He thinks he will do well but it makes me nervous because I know his work ethic up to this point in his school career.  I guess it will be a wake up call for one of us.  He is excited to try out for Players again this year (which actually is happening as I type this) and hopes to be cast in the musical this winter.

Hailey is in 5th grade.  I can't believe that it is our last year to have a child in Lincoln Park.  I know I am going to be a mess as all the "lasts" start to happen.   She didn't seem as nervous to start school this year - usually she laments to me about how she wishes she were still in her previous grade because she thinks this year will be too hard.   She was pretty confident this year - I guess my baby is growing up.  She likes her teacher so far and I think she is in a great class.  She was proud of herself because on the first day she had to stand up in front of the class and give a three minute speech.  She talked to her class about cats.  What a goof ball.

Hailey was invited to sing the National Anthem with the 5th and 6th grade choir at the football game on Friday night.  It was Sailor Salute night which is a newer tradition in the district and a super fun night at the stadium,

Most of the family was representing with our Salute shirts from last year.

Evan raised the flag before the game with his Boy Scout troop.

After the anthem some planes flew over the stadium.  That is always a cool moment.

Hailey found Ella and hung out with her during the game.

What's that?  Oh just a helicopter that took off from the stadium at half time.  Such a awesome event to honor our local troops and police and firefighters.

My three crazies all rounded up at the end of the night and ready to head home.

The next morning the boys marched with the Scouts in the Roosevelt Park Day parade.

Later that afternoon the marching band came through our neighborhood for the March-a-Thon.  The whole band played a song at the end of our street.  That evening the boys went to GR to see a comedian that they had tickets to.  Hailey and I watched a movie at home.  Sunday we cleaned and did some organizing for this week.

The year has started out pretty well and I hope the goodness continues.