Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Last days

My boys have their last day of school tomorrow.  I am still in denial that this school year is already over.  Spring break I could maybe believe, but summer vacation?  

I took their last day of school pictures today because I am thinking that tomorrow morning is going to be a bit chaotic with the last day and the fact that as soon as they get home for lunch we are heading south to Disneyworld.  Not a bad start to summer vacation huh?

Spencer on the last day of 4th grade

Spencer on the first day of 4th grade.

I really don't see a huge change in his appearance this year.  Unless of course you count the fact that I now have a monthly check to write to his orthodontist.

Evan on the last day of 2nd grade.

Evan on the first day of 2nd grade.

Evan doesn't look that much different either except that now he has big grown up teeth filling the space where his two front baby teeth fell out.   By the way, I apologize for the lighting in both the before and after's being all kinds of atrocious.  I guess we have bad morning light around here.

Daddy has been out of school since last Friday, so both yesterday and today the boys convinced him to bike with them to school.  They did it last year on the last day and loved it.   I guess a new tradition may be born.

Evan getting ready to bike with his monster helmet and Disney pin lanyard.  He is a boy all about the accessories.

Heading off to school on their Seussical contraption.  If you think this looks crazy, you should have seen him later that afternoon when he went to pick them up.  He had the Burley attached to the back bike so Hailey could ride along.  I don't know how he pulled all their weight up the hills in our hood.

Now I must get back to packing.  Our adventure starts tomorrow!  Oh how I wish my kids were old enough to watch National Lampoon's Vacation.   I feel like Trent and I are going to be quoting that a lot in the days to come.  Walley World, Dad???

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Since my message to the kids on the chalkboard this morning was "one more week until you are out of school", it reminded me that I have yet to post pictures of Hailey's last day of school which was (cough) a couple of weeks ago.

When I say "pictures" - I actually mean "picture" not because I don't have multiple pictures, I just don't seem to have any time.  You know things are crazy around your house when you have to actually write on your to do list for the day: Blog SOMETHING!

Hailey on the first day of school - September 2011

Hailey on the 2nd to last day of school (it was Hawaiian Day) - May 2012

She looks older and sassier.  She looks like a little girl that is ready for Kindergarten - whether her Mama likes it or not.  

Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Men fought and died
Everyone is fighting
Memorial Day is a time to celebrate
Other countries time
Red, white and blue
In your heart
All the people are happy

Days to love
Your time to celebrate!

-Evan (age 8)

We had a wonderful Memorial Day complete with a small town parade, hot dogs on the grill for lunch and a steak dinner cookout at Grama Dune's house.   The kids (and Daddy) even got a much needed soak in Grama's hot tub.  

Silly boys!