Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dutch Village

Last summer I purchased passes for Dutch Village on Groupon.   We ended up going when my sister and her family were in town and the kids had a blast.  So when the same deal came up on Groupon this past Spring I jumped on it. 
We found ourselves with a free Friday afternoon and the expiration date of the Groupon looming so we decided that since the next two weeks are looking to be extremely busy - we should go while we still could.   Evan and Hailey will thrilled!  They couldn't wait until after lunch when we would head out of town to Dutch Village.  Spencer was anything but excited - he wanted to stay home but in the name of forced family fun I wouldn't let him.

It was a gorgeous day!  Beautiful blue sky and not really hot at all.  If I recall, last year when we went we were melting in the heat.

Hailey begged me to take her photo in the little church.  I am thinking we have to start looking at churches again since she attended one day of vacation bible school with her friend and was excited to come home and show me the glittery "t" that she made.

I love that these two are still so into everything at the village.  They were having the best time going from ride to ride.

Hailey and Daddy went out to join the Klompen Dancers.  It was Daddy's first time in a long while  at Dutch Village.  Last year when we went he had work meetings he had to go to.

Since last year they have put in a ferris wheel.  Evan and Hailey waited in line so patiently - so excited to get on that thing.  As soon as they sat down in their "chair" something happened to the brake on the wheel - so they had to evacuate.  I was pretty glad that my kids were waiting at the bottom and not stuck at the top when the thing malfunctioned.

While they fixed the ferris wheel it was off for another turn on the swings.  This time even Spencer decided he would take a turn.

It might have had something to do with our little chat with him before hand about there will be much in life that he won't want to do but you might as well embrace the suck and try to have fun with it.

Evan was so bummed that he had grown past the height requirement for the pump car ride.  The requirement must be a new thing because last year both Spence and Evan both did these cars.  I told him to just stand in line anyway and maybe they would let him go.  She let Hailey pass then told him she had to check his height.  I was standing there and could just see his hope start to deflate and then re-inflate when she told him to go ahead.  He was so pumped!

They both look pretty huge for that ride!  After the pumper cars the ferris wheel was working again so they went back for round two.

This time they made it!

All Evan could talk about every time we walked past the cheese shop was going in and buying a big pickle like he did last year.  We finally gave him a dollar to make his dream come true!

Those are some big shoes to fill missy!

Evan had to find out how many centimeters his foot was for a scavenger hunt he was doing around the park.

Trying on hats.  No one wanted to be a Dutch child for Halloween. 

It was a fun day at the village.  I was a little sad on the way home thinking that next year I shouldn't even bother buying a pass for Spencer and then wondering how old Evan would be before he started growing out of it.  I kind of love the stage we are in right now with the kids - they are old enough to handle a lot but young enough to find joy in so much.  I hate to think of that coming to an end.