Sunday, August 25, 2013


Remember that Motley Crue song "Same old situation"?  I feel like that is what my summer blogging has become.  We have done so much, but I just don't have the gumption or the time to get it on here.   Today I find myself with a few minutes so I figured I might as well quickly get the latest on here. 

Yesterday I found myself alone at a parade.  Not totally alone because I had grandparents along side me, but with nary a child of mine to be found.  It was a little surreal to all of a sudden realize that I was at that place.  A place where all my kids are old enough to be involved in activities and march with those groups in the parade - without their mommy.  

My full fledged Boy Scout.

My sweet little Cub Scout.

And what do you know?  Hailey turned in her soccer cleats for lollies and a pleated skirt.  She felt like pretty big stuff to get to march in the parade, though part of her was a little (or maybe a lot) sad that she didn't get to collect all the thrown candy.  Believe me, the dentist and I are thrilled about that little perk of participation!

I can't stand how cute she is!  Our team is Boom! Dynamite!

We are headed into the last week of summer with gusto.  We have school open houses and cousins coming to visit.  A week full of fun awaits us.  Then perhaps in the quiet that BTS brings I will finally find the time to blog about all the fun things we did this summer.  Then I can sit in my quiet, empty house and wish for just a few more days of the chaos to return.