Wednesday, July 24, 2013

He likes it. He really likes it.

It's kind of late for an old lady like me and I am tired and ready to go to bed, but I knew I had uploaded these pictures earlier this week.  The days ahead of me look even more busy so I see more tiredness in my future.  I figured I better get these on here while I have a chance.
Spencer participated in his second year of theatre camp last week.  To say he loves it would be a gross understatement.  I am a bit mad at myself because this is the last year that he is in the age range to do it.  He may even have exceeded the age range, but since he went to DK he was all right as far as grade level.  I had first heard of this camp when he was in Kindergarten from a fellow classmates mom.  I tried to get him in, but in those days the camp wasn't super popular so they only did it for one week of the summer and by the time I called it was filled.  I am fairly certain they held it in the years that followed and it must have grown in popularity because now they fill three sessions a summer - but I never enrolled him until last year.  I never wanted to commit to a week long "school" type scenario thing for him during the summer because what fun would that be? 
Apparently to him?  A ton of fun.  And really when you think about it, a week of fun classes sure beats sitting in front of the TV or computer.  If you miss out on a couple of beach or pool days, what is the big deal?  There are lots of beach days in a typical summer. 
This year the show they put on was 101 Dalmatians and Spencer had the role of one of Cruella DeVille's bumbling henchmen.  Cruella was definitely the lead, but Spencer was way up there.  He had lots of lines and the three of them were on stage almost the whole show. 

By the way if you wonder if the old adage of "girls mature faster than boys" is true.  The girl playing Cruella turned ten years old that week of camp.  Spencer will be twelve in a few days.  Two years apart.  Holy cow!

Trying to lure the puppies away with Kanine Krunchies.

The three of them had a lot of choreography to learn as well.   They did a great job.

Our little henchman glowing with pride after the show.

I am thinking that something to do with the theatre will end up to be his "thing".

On Friday morning before drop off at the theatre I asked him if he was tired of the show and glad it would be done later that day.  His reply was that he wished it went on longer because he was having so much fun.

Later that evening as we were getting ready for lights out he told me he wished the play wasn't over because every night before bed he got to look forward to something the next day.   So yeah - I think he really likes it.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Family game night

These were taken a few nights ago.  A night where I finished up the dinner dishes and looked outside and saw the four loves of my life living it up with a family game of corn hole.  BT Dub - worst name ever for a game. It just sounds wrong on so many levels.  Anyway, what else could I do but grab the camera and get a couple shots of the action?  

I don't love the humidity, but I love how the humidity makes her hair curly.  So cute!

Daddy trying to come up with a signature pose - or something.

When I reviewed this shot on the computer I wondered at first glance who the big kid in the background was.  Oh yeah - that is just my oldest son who will be twelve in a matter of days.  Are you kidding me?  One more year until teenager!

There's our almost twelve year old trying to convince Dad to change the rules or something that would benefit his cause.  And then a loivng look for his mother.

Sweet little Belty Boy.  I could just eat him up!

I love the victory shot.  Trent told me to make sure I got a shot of the boards?  platforms?  whatever they are called.  He worked on them for many a night.   They turned out super fab.  We are so, so ready for yard games!

Poor little sister is dealing with a major case of the swimmers ear.  She has woken me up crying every night this week with ear pain and needing more "medicine".  I swear I sometimes think she just likes the taste of the medicine.  I finally called the doctor yesterday and got her some drops so hopefully those nights are behind us.  Especially since she is at a sleepover tonight.

Maybe not a great idea Spencer.   I think Hailey is planning to cash in on her chance to bean you with a bean bag.

Last shot of the night.  Staring out into the horizon with her summer "perm". 

We are summer lovin' at it's finest!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sunday at the cabin

On Sunday we drove up to the cabin for the day to see how our war with the mice was waging.  Since we found no signs of droppings or acorns, no traps were sprung and the cheese was still in tact - petrified, but in tact - I would say that we are winning the battle so far.  I expect the mice to turn around and make their last stand, but hopefully we will be ready for them.
Trent fixed a couple of screens that needed mending and attempted to straighten the power pole on the roof, but ran into some difficulty with that.  It was a hot day so the kids and I mostly waded around in the river and tried in vain to keep the deer flies away from us. 

Spencer took some time to read his library book by the fire.  It was such a scorching day I am surprised it didn't burst into flames.

Daddy Boy contemplating his next move with the power pole.

Spencer and Dad decided to kayak from the access and pull Hailey and Evan along for the ride in the blow up boat.   I got them set up then headed back to the cabin to drop the car and grab my camera and find them along the route.

It took me forever to find them.  They got hung up a couple of times on logs I guess.  It was much harder to pull the little boat than you would think it would be.

This picture makes it look like they are in rapids or something.  Trent must have paddled at just the right moment.  Unfortunately, one of the times they were hung up caused the boat some damage and as soon as they got back it started to lose air pretty quickly.  I think we have a patch kit for it somewhere in the cabin.  It seems like those blow up boats never last long in our care.  This river is just too wild for them! 

It was a fun way to spend the day.  I have no idea when we will be back again.  We have a busy couple of weeks coming up and then a family road trip that I can't wait for.  This summer seems to be flying by - but I guess they always do.