Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Summer is in full swing around here though you would never know it by the weather today.  It is around 63 degrees with drizzly rain.  It is July and I am wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt to work around the house.  Crazy.   The boys are working with Trent down at my dad's marina and Hailey is off to a summer camp for the afternoon.  I woke up this morning with such high hopes of things I wanted to get done and my motivation is quickly fizzling.  I figure if I can post something to the blog at least I could feel like I accomplished something.
Over the weekend we hauled the kayaks out of the shed so the boys could get a feel for them again before we took them up north to the river.  As luck would have it (not) the lake that had been calm all day started in with a bit of chop just as we got everything unloaded.


It wasn't too bad for Trent or Spencer, but for Evan who has only really kayaked on his own in a perfectly calm lake, it was a bit overwhelming.

Look at the concentration on his face! Or maybe that is just his signature grimace that he shoots at me whenever I try to take his picture lately.

There it is again.  Good thing he is so stinking cute!

Hailey decided she wanted to go along for the ride with Daddy.  We couldn't find Daddy's life jacket, so he had to wear Grama's.  It takes a big man to paddle around the lake in a pink life vest.

This huge boat was heading into the channel while we were out there.   A few minutes later the Lake Express went by as well.   Hailey was hoping her cousins were aboard as she always does whenever she sees the boat.

Evan finally got his chance, but didn't stay out very long.  He did well for his first time out in almost a year.

I took Grama's kayak out for a little spin.  Notice the child life vest I had to wear.  Since the weekend I have purchased both Trent and I new life jackets and a new paddle for Grama's kayak.   I think the one she had was made for a blow up toy boat.  Not too much oompf behind it.

Grama had the camera going as I was paddling away.

Evan on a hunt for treasure.  He used the paddle to bring in a piece of driftwood he had to have - all while wearing his sister's shoes.

The kids hanging out on the sea wall while they wait for Daddy to paddle in.

It wasn't a long adventure, but it was fun.  I am glad the kids enjoy kayaking.  I hope we get a lot of use out of them this summer.

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