Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4th festivities!

It seems like the past few years for the fourth of July my sister's family has been in town.  The year before that we were up north at the cabin and the year before that we were in Baltimore for my cousin's wedding.   So this year when we woke up at home just the five of us, it was a bit different.  
Although we definitely missed having our little cousins around, we still managed to have a fun filled day.  We were invited to participate in the bike parade that is held the neighborhood over from ours.   Bike parades are so fun.  They just seem so small town and quaint.  Hailey was glad to hear there would not be any fire trucks involved in the parade but disappointed that there would be no candy thrown.  There has never been a piece of candy that girl doesn't like.
So we headed over to our friends' house on the morning of the fourth and got the bikes all decorated.

The parade was short, but lots of fun.  I was very proud of all three of my big two wheeled bike riding kids.

The kids decked out in their red, white and blue! 

Spencer wanted a turn with the camera before we hit the road for another party at my cousin's house.
They recently moved into a new house on Muskegon Lake and it is a great place for a summer get together.  The kids had a ball swimming and jumping on the trampoline.

This picture may be a part of Muskegon history since the rumors are swirling that the paper mill towers will be coming down later this month.  It will be a much different view from this side of the lake.

The lake is very shallow on this side.  See the kids way out there in the water.  If they stood up it would only be about waist deep.

Hailey and Allie get along so well.  They have the best time together without any little bit of drama.


The girls spent a ton of time looking for these tiny baby frogs.  They would find them and then move them closer to the lake so they wouldn't get stepped on. 

As it started to get dark, the fireworks show started.  It seemed like people all around the lake had some pretty big boomers.

Happy Birthday America!

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