Wednesday, July 10, 2013

And I'm still doing laundry...

On Friday afternoon we headed up north to the cabin.  Trent and the boys left early in the truck with the lawnmower and a new picnic table.  Hailey and I went to the art fair with Grama and then arrived around dinner time with a delicious Famous Recipe Bucket O' Chicken.   After dinner we loaded up into the van and made the quick trip to North Lake with kayaks on the roof. 
This is the kind of lake the boys like to kayak in.

We went back to the cabin and made a fire and Hailey and Grama changed Toby out of her camping ballgown into her new MSU cheerleading uniform that we purchased at the art fair.   It was the first time Hailey was semi excited about buying some kind of doll outfit.  One of my fondest memories of art fairs of my youth was getting to pick out a "Barbie clo". 

The next day we worked around the cabin all morning cleaning and demousing.  UGH! I don't even want to write about it.   Then that afternoon we headed to my aunt and uncle's house for a small family get together.

The boys had fun on the pedal boat.

And jumping off the pedal boat.

And fishing from the pedal boat.

Hailey loved playing with her little second cousin (second cousin once removed?)  I never know how that works. 

The three of them had a good time swimming and messing around in the lake.

We got back to the cabin in the early evening and the kids decided they needed more watermelon.  Can you see the mosquito that is giving Hailey some Botox as I take the picture.  Yuck!

And the kids wildest dreams came true as they finally got to light their sparklers!

As the kids were doing their sparklers the Mouse Wars raged inside the cabin.  Once the sun went down and the little critters started their nightly perusing, we started to hear the traps start snapping.  I think we caught five that night before we went to sleep.  If you could even call it sleep.  I generally don't sleep well at the cabin anyway and add in the fact that you might have tiny little rodents crawling on you or around you.  Yeah - I think I am only doing day trips until those things are gone for good.

Hailey's favorite cabin book took on a whole new meaning over the weekend.

The boys took off to fish a little bit and I took Hailey on a walk to the bridge where she practiced her fishing with a toddler pole.

After lunch the kids played in the river for a little bit.  The boys were so sweet to their little sister.  Trying to help her cross the river on her own and holding her hand when she needed help.

In the midst of all of our cleaning, we found a bag of old Happy Meal toys and other random things.  Evan grabbed a stuffed dinosaur and a little action figure and was playing with them forever.  Lately he seems so grown up to me, so it was nice to see the "little" Evan come out for a while.

Spence, Dad and Hailey kayaked on the river before we left.  Hailey begged to go but during the ride was regretting her decision.  She didn't like when they floated into the low hanging branches. She especially didn't like the ones with the spider webby things on them.  I don't blame her a bit.  I always hated those things.

I think we are going back up on Sunday for the day to see who is winning the war on mice.  I hate stuff like that.  I feel like an old frump, but I don't want to deal with dirty vermin and worry about washing chewed up blankets and putting everything stored up there in tubs.  It is a pain in the butt.  I feel like every time we go lately it is a war zone with so much to take care of and clean up that it is not even fun.  I know that sounds whiny and most people would love to have a place like this on the river - it is just so frustrating. 

OK.  Rant over.  Back to washing blankets.

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