Thursday, July 11, 2013


Last night was one of my favorite kind of nights.  A night where we have nothing planned and can just do what we want on a whim.  Trent was at golf league, so after dinner the kids and I decided to walk to the beach.  It was one of those nights where you feel like you are on vacation in your own backyard.   Perfect.

I didn't bring my big camera.  I did have my phone with me and couldn't resist pushing the camera button a few times in the golden evening light.  It is just something ingrained in me I guess.  I am sure my Instagram followers were pretty sick of me jamming up the feed for a few hours.

The kids got along great.  They were playing together so well.  Spencer learned how to "chicken fight" at North Lake while we were at the cabin and that is one of his favorite things to do now.  He met some kids while they were fishing there and as he usually does - seamlessly sidled into their game.

Evan came out of the water at one point looking despondent because Spencer bumped his head on Evan's mouth or something.  I told him that I was sure it was an accident but for punishment I would make Spencer run down to the rocks and back.  It must have not been much of a punishment (as it wasn't intended to be) because they all decided to do it.

I love these nights.  I love these kiddos.

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