Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Monday least I tried!

I really tried!  On Monday I had the phone hooked up to the computer and everything but the computer did not want to recognize the phone and I didn't have time to mess with it and figure out why until now.  I still don't know why.  Either the phone or the computer is finicky and only wants to load with a certain cord in a certain USB port.  I swear I have this problem every week.  

It seemed like a busy week but nothing much to take photos of I guess.  Nothing until the weekend. 
Friday was a half day of school for Ev and Hai so we took advantage of a nice fall day and took a walk.  I also used it as an excuse to get some updated pictures of Hailey.  I thought Evan might need a haircut before so I didn't do his at the same time but looking at these photos, his hair doesn't seem too long. 

They were posting the cast list for Elf Jr. on Friday at 2:00 and it just so happens that last year when they posted the cast list we were on a walk and took a break to look at it.  We went to our "lucky" spot and sure enough...Evan was thrilled to be cast in the role as Fake Santa.  He smells like beef and cheese and sits on a throne of lies.

My two little cuties enjoying a gorgeous fall afternoon.

The nice weather held into Saturday so that afternoon we went for another walk.  Hailey and Ev decided to scale the retaining wall on the way.

We walked on a woods path and Hailey was running up ahead of us.  When we came around the corner she was standing still holding a finger over her mouth to shush us.   I guess when she ran around the corner she rustled up an owl who flew right in front of her.  We could see it in the branches - I tried to take a picture (it looked just like Hedwig from Harry Potter) but I couldn't get in very close.  That is the second owl encounter we have had this fall.

Coming out of the path to the rock.

Saturday afternoon was also Hailey's last football game.  She and her teammates cheered the Stingrays on to the championship!

She even had some adoring fans in the stands cheering for her!

It was a great fall weekend.  The end of this week should be full of lots of Halloween festivities around here!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Monday Moments...Hives edition

Two weeks ago Evan woke up in the morning with his left eye swollen shut and his hives were back.  A visit to the doctor later and we had a prescription for an antibiotic for a possible sinus infection and a prescription for Zyrtec for the hives. 

He was feeling better so we headed off to our tent that weekend for the Fall Festival at Hoffmaster.  The kids cozy in the tent.  Doesn't Spencer look thrilled!

Hailey took a selfie on the way to her pink game.

Some of the kids later that day all dressed up to trick or treat around the park.

And some goofy grownups.

Sitting by the campfire.

When we got home Sunday morning, Hailey couldn't wait to dump her candy and sort.

Picking up Spencer after play rehearsal.  He came out with three slices of pizza that he wanted for his lunch the next day.

Friday was the Walk a Thon at the school.  I was glad I got to walk with my favorite girl.

Evan had a Boy Scout campout over the weekend and Hailey spent the night at Grama's house on Saturday.  Trent, Spence and I went to Grand Haven to eat dinner and see a play.

I know Spencer's eyes are shut in this photo, but the pier looks so strange without the cat walk.

Spence poses for a picture while Trent geocaches in the back ground.  Bigfoot!

And after eleven days of feeling great, Evan woke up yesterday morning with the hives again.  Ugh.  Again, the doctor's office is not concerned - saying it is very common for hives to come and go for a long time.

Hailey's spooky mansion book report all ready to turn in a week early!

We had a court of honor banquet for the scouts last night.  My two boys left with many new badges and honors.

Evan went to bed with hives last night and unfortunately they didn't go away during the night.

I am sad and unbelievably frustrated that this keeps happening to him. He is such a trooper. I don't think I have heard him complain once since this whole hives thing started.  In fact after we left the doctor a week or so ago he said to me that he felt like the "fussed over child" because we were always giving him medicine or oils or whatever.  I just want him to feel better and be done with this.  If I could take it on for him I would in a second.  He doesn't deserve to have to deal with it.  It amazes me how he continues to do everything he has to do without a complaint.  He probably would have even gone to school with his eye swollen shut if I let him.  I gave him Benadryl this morning because he was a little itchy, but I think I need to just try to get all medicine out of his system and see what happens next.  It is so frustrating.  I have a constant pit in my stomach worrying about him and feel like I am always on the verge of some kind of breakdown.  It just sucks to have to worry about your kid.  I can't even imagine what parents of really sick kids go through.  So for now we just keep waiting and praying.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Monday moments...Homecoming and Birthday and Anniversary edition

Monday was the day all kids live for...Pajama Day!  Spencer decided that a PJ shirt was enough for him. 

I don't know why the kids think it is weird when I have to wear my cheaters over my regular glasses. #oldladyproblems

On Monday Evan had an orthodontist appointment.  He opted for the blue and white bands in honor of spirit week. He wanted to take a selfie to see what they looked like. 

Also on Monday, Hailey started her new year of Girl Scouts.  She was so excited to finally have some patches on her vest.

Since Monday was Trent's birthday, after dropping Hailey at her meeting we went to grab a quick dinner at Chili's before the boys went to Boy Scouts.  Here the boys are taking the survey very seriously.

Tuesday was Luau day for the Middle, Holiday day for Hailey and Team day for the Highschool.

Tuesday was also our 19th wedding anniversary.  Look at those babies....

We haven't changed a bit in 19 years....

On Tuesday I made a trip to Sam's Club and finally found some macaroons for Evan to try.   He was so so about them. 

I also got Spencer his beloved waffles and enough syrup to last through high school.

I noticed while looking on the Twitter that Evan had made an appearance for planting dune grass at the school. 

 Wednesday was Mismatch day for Hailey.

Evan had team day and Spencer had twin day.  He was twins with his girl friend but failed to send me a photo.

Thursday was Hat day for Highschool,  Patriot day for Middle and grade level color day for Hailey.  Fourth graders were blue.

Friday was School Spirit Day across all the schools!

The rain let up enough on Friday afternoon so we ventured out to the Homecoming Parade.

Spencer was walking in the parade with his Players group.

Friday night we headed out to the football game.  Hailey was wearing my vintage coat to keep the rain off of her.

Evan raised the flag with his Scout troop.

We left just before half time because the rain got worse and showed no sign of letting up.

Saturday was the Homecoming Dance.  The first High School dance for this handsome fella.

Wow.  What a week!  I kind of hope this one is a little less eventful!