Monday, October 3, 2016

Monday moments...Homecoming and Birthday and Anniversary edition

Monday was the day all kids live for...Pajama Day!  Spencer decided that a PJ shirt was enough for him. 

I don't know why the kids think it is weird when I have to wear my cheaters over my regular glasses. #oldladyproblems

On Monday Evan had an orthodontist appointment.  He opted for the blue and white bands in honor of spirit week. He wanted to take a selfie to see what they looked like. 

Also on Monday, Hailey started her new year of Girl Scouts.  She was so excited to finally have some patches on her vest.

Since Monday was Trent's birthday, after dropping Hailey at her meeting we went to grab a quick dinner at Chili's before the boys went to Boy Scouts.  Here the boys are taking the survey very seriously.

Tuesday was Luau day for the Middle, Holiday day for Hailey and Team day for the Highschool.

Tuesday was also our 19th wedding anniversary.  Look at those babies....

We haven't changed a bit in 19 years....

On Tuesday I made a trip to Sam's Club and finally found some macaroons for Evan to try.   He was so so about them. 

I also got Spencer his beloved waffles and enough syrup to last through high school.

I noticed while looking on the Twitter that Evan had made an appearance for planting dune grass at the school. 

 Wednesday was Mismatch day for Hailey.

Evan had team day and Spencer had twin day.  He was twins with his girl friend but failed to send me a photo.

Thursday was Hat day for Highschool,  Patriot day for Middle and grade level color day for Hailey.  Fourth graders were blue.

Friday was School Spirit Day across all the schools!

The rain let up enough on Friday afternoon so we ventured out to the Homecoming Parade.

Spencer was walking in the parade with his Players group.

Friday night we headed out to the football game.  Hailey was wearing my vintage coat to keep the rain off of her.

Evan raised the flag with his Scout troop.

We left just before half time because the rain got worse and showed no sign of letting up.

Saturday was the Homecoming Dance.  The first High School dance for this handsome fella.

Wow.  What a week!  I kind of hope this one is a little less eventful!

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