Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday moments...

A paper that came home in Hailey's backpack. 

Who knew there were so many consonants in allergic.  Bless her heart.

The kids got their school pictures back and I updated the frames.  I can't believe that Spencer's is three years from full.  Seriously - where does the time go?

I was so excited about the box I bought from Amazon for my oils.  More excited than anyone should be about oils.  At least that is what my kids think.

Spencer chose to do his five minute bathroom clean up in a pair of old jammie pants that were supposed to be the rags he cleaned the bathroom with.  So weird.

Hailey was ecstatic to have her cousins in town for a couple days this weekend.  They were all smiles eating their crock pot lasagna.

They were all smiles snuggled on the couch watching a show.

They were all smiles before Hailey's football game.

Lainey was ecstatic that she could use Grama's dollar to buy a ring pop - or maybe two - but don't tell her mama. What happens at Aunt Jenny's stays at Aunt Jenny's.

With her cousins in the stands cheering her on, Hailey found some courage to have the big girls stunt her.  She was thrilled that she got to elevator all the way up.

After the football game we went down to the beach to hang out.  Hard to believe that it is actually fall.

Here's to another great week!

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