Monday, September 19, 2016

Moments...getting back into the swing of things

Last Saturday Hailey had to cheer at her first game - in the rain.  I had a total mom fail when I didn't even bring her a rain coat or a sweatshirt for that matter. 

The rest of us huddled under one umbrella.

Since the rain showed no sign of letting up the coaches let the girls leave at halftime.  That made our little cheerleader a happy girl.

On Sunday the boys went to Grand Rapids to participate in the 9/11 salute.  This was Evan's first time going.

Hailey dressed up and ready to take on a Monday.  I love her clothes and dress vicariously through her.

Evan's "Me to a T" assignment.  I almost cried when he explained to me the people he admired (TK and MK) stood for Trent and me - the M stands for Mom. Man, I love that kid.

Hailey playing in the yard with her giant baseball.

Hailey also had her first job last week.  She was asked to water the neighbor's flowers while they were on vacation.

Dressed up like a cutie again.

On Friday while I was texting Spencer in the window wondering where his bus was I had a little friend looking up at me.

Then I spotted the long hair guitar player walking up the street.  Once he saw me he quickly avoided the camera.

A selfie from the hunting blind on Saturday morning.

On Saturday evening since it was warm and beautiful, Hailey and I walked down to the beach.  I didn't know if the water would be warm or not.

It was pretty nice and of course my little fish wanted to get right in. It was a bit wavy with kind of an undertow so I didn't let her go in very deep.

Practicing tuck jumps.  She loves them.

She mostly just rolled around the shore alot and let the waves crash into her.

Since Frosty O was closing for the summer, after the beach we took a quick pajama ride over there to get our last treats.

View from the blind on Sunday morning.  Evan had spotted something.

Sunday afternoon was another beautiful late summer day.  We went to Frosty O again (because that's how we roll - and get rolls) and took our treats to Pere Marquette.

We just hung out on the warm sand for a while.  It was very relaxing. If I had a pillow I think I could have fallen asleep.

It was the perfect end to a good week.

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