Sunday, September 11, 2016

One week down...

So we made it through the first week - though it was a long short week.  We were all extremely tired on Friday night.

The boys leave for school when it is still dark outside.  This makes taking outside back to school photos a bit of a challenge - but not a challenge I will not undertake.  Just in case I made them pose for a couple indoors.  Hailey was up early (but barely up) and ready to bid her brothers adieu.  That is why she looks so incredibly tired in this photo.

Evan is a seventh grader this year.  He leaves with Trent a bit after seven in the morning.   He about broke my heart the night before school as I was tucking him in and he told me that "he had a great summer".  So did I bud.  So did I.

I can't even get my head around the fact that I have a high schooler this year.  Ninth grade. Seriously.  Some days I feel like I just finished high school. Luckily he has a friend with an older brother that drives and agreed to pick him up - otherwise he would be leaving for the bus stop at 6:30 in the morning.  I can't even. We are up but not even close to ready at that point.

Then there is my Hailey girl.  She is always so nervous to start a new grade until she actually starts it. I know she can do amazing things she just has to get it into her own mindset.

She is our social butterfly and was so glad to be back with her friends on a regular basis.  I snapped this shot of her and two of her BFF's at recess.

Spencer is taking a guitar class for his first Trimester.  We will see how that goes - I hope well.  I always envied those that could play guitar and piano.

The first week went well.  Spencer claimed he did alright at the high school and thinks that Biology is his favorite class so far.  That may be because it is the only class he has with his "girlfriend".   Evan is an old pro at the middle school.  He is intrigued by his French class.  He claims the teacher is really nice and it is really cool to learn to speak a different language.  Hailey was thrilled when her teacher told her there would be no assigned homework.  Any homework would be stuff you didn't finish in class and studying. Hallelujah! I swear last years' math homework took years off my life.

By the way - we didn't have to do much BTS shopping this year because the kids still fit into most of their stuff.  We did take a family shopping trip to Kohl's so Trent could buy some new jeans and shoes.  The boys spotted these tee shirts and begged like I have never heard them beg before.  My kids are not clothes kids by any means - but Spencer had to have Bob Ross and Evan had to have Pusheen the cat.  I have no idea what the draw is or the significance but oh well - they were THRILLED!

Fingers crossed it looks like it's going to be a great year!

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dr said...

Yay! I love this post. And, I am cracking up at the boys so excited about the t shirts. I do not even know who they are, but it is humorous to me to think of the boys excited about it. They are all terrific kids and I hope they have fabulous years. Also, so sweet that Evan told you he had a great summer. That kid is seriously the best.