Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday moments - the 90 degree edition!

It was a hot week.  One of those weeks where we feel extremely blessed to live where we do.  When you have the lake this close - it can feel like every day you are on a beach vacation.  We took advantage of it this week and were at the beach or pool almost everyday. 

Lake Michigan is so warm.

Spencer participated in the Young American's Summer Camp for the week so these two had some daily bonding time.

On Saturday we went to the Young American's performance.  It is always amazing to see what a talented group they are and what they are able to teach the kids in a week.

When we got home we walked down to the beach to take a quick dip before going back to pick up Spencer after his second performance.

Sunday was rainy so we did a lot of cleaning around the house.  That is one thing that is easy to neglect in the summer when you would rather just walk to the beach and sit.  I also hauled out my sewing machine and worked through a pile of stuff that I had needed to mend.  Not a summer beach day - but nice to cross some stuff off the  to do list.

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