Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A glimpse into the goodness of June...

How is it almost the end of July?  We are trying to squeeze all the marrow out of summer and we are off to a great start.  Since my weekly photo share has been absent a few are some of the June highlights. 

Last day bike ride to school.

Hailey and Ella's Girl Scout troop spent the night at the zoo.  The next day Evan and I went to pick them up and we hung out there for a while and saw the animals.

Taste of Muskegon with the fam.

Spencer went to Washington DC on the 8th grade trip.  His first time on a plane and my first time with part of my heart over a third of the country away from me.

Back to Taste of Muskegon for judgement day two!

Cousins came for a visit!  For the first time in a long time we got to spend Father's Day all together. We even had our nautical attire on.


Mira and Hailey participated in Trent's theatre camp so we had to come up with ways to keep Lainey and Evan entertained throughout the week.

A mini adventure to Grand Haven to buy some Shopkins and get some ice cream.

Mini golfing with a jet lagged Spencer and friend.  It was hot this day.  Ice cream followed mini golf and Evan almost passed out.  Interesting times.

A trip to tour the Hackley and Hume homes and paint some bird houses.

Six of the cutest kids on Earth at Grampa's restaurant.

The theater girls after their show.  They did great!

Party in the park for fun and dinner - and texting "get me out of here" if you are Spencer.

My favorite memory of this night is Lainey being cut off by the balloon lady for going back for a second one.  The hysteria that followed prompted Uncle Mark to ask "big Evan" to go stand in line and ask for a balloon sword for him (that was actually for Lainey).  Look at us working the party in the park folk! Ha!

Family running of the Seaway Run.  We all made it.  Not fast - but we did it!

More ice cream cause why not?

Cousins had to leave and the boys left for Scout camp.

Hailey and I had "Mommy and Hailey's week of fun!"

Mini adventure to Grand Haven.   Last year we didn't dare walk to the front of the light house for fear of being washed off.  She loved seeing the front of it this beautiful day.

Maybe not goodness...but this is happening.  Jaw expanders...

There are a lot of teeth in there that have to come down.

Family night at Scout camp.  Hailey was thrilled to see her brothers and daddy.

June was a lot of fun.  Are you listening July?  You have some big shoes to fill!

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