Tuesday, June 18, 2013

School's out for summer!

Nothing thrills me more about summer vacation than the break it affords me from packing lunches.  I was at about my wits end of PB & J's and bologna sandwiches at seven in the morning.

If there is anything more exciting then a first day of school picture, it is a last day of school picture, so here they are! Only about a week late!

Little Miss Sassafras!

The Belt-a-saurus Rex!

And Gooey Paul!

They are ready for summer!

For a little comparison I created a first and last day side by side.  I almost wish a hadn't because Hailey's just floored me.

Has my baby girl grown up in a year or what!

Evan looks about the same.  No major changes. I like that. 

Spencer looks much older to me as well.  It is not just the glasses (which I love!).  His face has lost a bit more of its babyness.  Insert sad face here.

Here is to a fabulous summer full of fun and adventure!  Bring it on!

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