Monday, June 17, 2013

5th grade farewell

The morning after Hailey's kindergarten graduation we were at the school for Spencer's fifth grade completion ceremony.  I wasn't sure how I was going to be able to handle all these momentous occasions in one week, but I got through them all surprisingly well.  (I had a couple of moments where my eyes welled up, but never tears a flowing.)

To use the words from their farewell sign, Spencer has sailed through elementary school.  He is extremely smart (though sometimes would rather goof off then apply himself) but still, he knows so much that sometimes he just astounds me.   He has never had any discipline issues - the only complaint I have ever heard from any of his teachers is that it is sometimes hard to get him to stop reading.  (And they don't even really want to complain about it).  He has established many friendships and relationships with his fellow classmates and other students.  I am still in awe of how we can be somewhere and he can see kids he kind of knows or complete strangers and he can integrate himself into the group seamlessly.   That is an ability that will serve him well as he ventures into a new school with many new faces next year.

He has been blessed with fabulous teachers that have known him for all his years at Lincoln Park.  Teachers that know his strengths and weaknesses and know how to get him motivated and excited about a subject.  We are so lucky to have two more children that get to experience their dedication and commitment.  Teaching isn't an easy job, but these people sure know how to make it seem like it is.

I know he will miss this place, but they have prepared him well for the next steps.

The next morning we were back again for the fifth grade talent show.   These two events are usually held on the same day, but for some reason this year was goofed up and we wound up with two half days at the end of the year. 

He finally got his glasses back.  There was a broken spring they had to fix.  I am so used to seeing him in glasses, he is starting to not look like himself without them.

For the talent show, Spence and a few of his buddies put on a little skit they had first performed at the Scout banquet.  They did a good job.  It was short and sweet - just the way you want those performances to be.   I applaud all the acts for getting up there, but there are just some that need to be cut for time a little.

Right when he sat back down he looked over to us for our reaction.  I love these shots.  I love how much our opinion still means to him. 

Most of all I just love this kid.  I am so proud of him and can't wait to see how this next chapter of his life plays out. 

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