Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The last day of one month and the first of another

On Friday I went on Hailey's class field trip to John Ball Zoo.   We were lucky that the ninety percent chance of rain and storms decided not to show up while we were there - it was a lovely day at the zoo.   Most of the children had a parent in attendance, so it was a pretty fun day for me just walking around with Hailey and her (and my) friends.

Oh, and it was also my (ahem) birthday.  Her teacher had asked me if it was a big one to which I replied that they were all big now.

You can't visit the zoo without the traditional shot by the statue of John Ball.

Our little group waiting for ice cream cones.  They surprised me with my own cone of "birthday cake" flavor.  I think I would have rather had chocolate.

The ice cream stand was right across from the petting zoo and there were roosters and other feathered fowl walking around all over.  A couple of them even came right up the stairs to the sitting area just waiting for some cone to fall.   The kids were loving it.  They kept on screaming "chickens" or "turkeys" - never calling them roosters which they were.

Then of course the kids wanted to walk into the petting zoo.  I can't explain to you how much I loathe petting zoos.  I am not an animal person to begin with and the thought of brushing their coats and feeding them hay - I would pretty much rather do ANYTHING else in the world.   They don't make enough hand sanitizer to make you feel clean after being in that place.

We woke up early the next morning so we could get to Hailey's last soccer game.   I was beyond curious to see how she would do in the game.  Two weeks ago, I don't know what got into her, but she was on FIRE!  Normally she just lags behind looking like she can't wait for it to be over, but that day she was in the thick of it.  She was even ahead of the pack headed for the goal three times!

Even if she doesn't get into the game - she sure is cute!

She did it again.  She was into it.  Going after the ball like a champ.  Her coach asked her where "this girl" has been for the last two years.

And what do you know?  "This" Hailey even scored a goal!   I took this shot right after her goal.  This is her mouth open, tongue hanging out a little embarrassed/proud face.  Grama and I laugh at this face.

It was so much fun to watch her play when she actually "plays".  I so wish she had realized a long time ago how much better it could be.  I think she enjoyed it much more too.

It was a good way to end the season and most likely her soccer career.  Her coach told her how great she did and that she could move up to U8 after all if she kept playing like that.  Hailey just looked at her and shook her head no. 

We will have to see what the future holds for our currently retired soccer girl.  Maybe she will take it back up when she is a little older or maybe she will choose to do something entirely different.  That is the best thing about being six, she has a lot of time to figure it out.

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