Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Up North

The holiday weekend turned out to be a little bit chilly.  So we decided we would just go up to the cabin and spend the day instead of staying over night.  

Because of the cooler temperatures, the kids didn't have any desire to go in the river.  Not to mention that for some reason the river was really high.  I don't ever remember seeing it so high.  I bet it would have been over their heads right off the dock.   That made for a bit of a more nervy visit than usual.  They are usually allowed to play on the dock until their hearts content - this time they had to have a grown up around. 

So instead of playing in the river, we did a bit of clean up around the cabin.  Spencer was deemed big enough to climb the ladder to the roof and collect the big sticks and throw them down.  

Hailey has been obsessed with this old hula hoop lately and insisted on bringing it.  I am actually glad she did, because it kept her occupied while we raked around the yard.

I am still not sure what went down, but when I noticed Evan sitting on the stump, talking to himself,  obviously upset about something, I had to take a photo.  I think he was mad because Spencer wouldn't let him poke at the fire or something.

He got over it just as quickly and he and Hailey began to play a game they made up about them being farmers and taking tourists around their farm to milk the cows and teach them how to plant crops.  I snapped this picture of farmer Hailey riding her "horse".  Can you believe her eyes?  This poor girl has the worst allergies of anyone in our family.  She has been itching her eyes for at least a week.  I bought her allergy medication, but she won't take it because she hates the taste.  Being up north didn't help her any - you could actually see the cottonwood pollen flying through the air - at times it looked like it was snowing.

And then there is this kid.   I can't believe he will be finished with elementary school in two weeks.  

Daddy decided that he couldn't be at the cabin without going in the river so he got his suit on and went in.  Hailey put on her shorts and decided she was going with him until she chickened out and decided not too.  The step that Trent is standing on is usually three or four inches above the water - on this day there was an inch over the step.

Hailey and Evan made a few casts trying to reel in a fish, but didn't have any luck.

I did a nine year old mini photo shoot with Evan.  I think we got some good ones.  Obviously this isn't one we will be using - this is him being a goof for the camera.

The little ones enjoyed hanging on the jelly chairs and eating some chips.  While Spencer the pyromaniac wouldn't leave the side of the fire.

Then the three of them made up a play about hula hooping.  "The Best Hula Hooper in the World" I believe was the title.  The three of them took turns on the hoop.  They all have an amazing ability at it - especially Hailey and Spencer.  I timed one of Spencer's turns until four minutes were up - then we sabotaged him.   But four plus minutes???  Holy Moly!  Trent and I couldn't get that thing around our hips three times!  I don't know where they get it.

I guess I need to go to the store and buy a couple more hula hoops.  They can come up with their own family hooping act.

Judging by the fact that Little Miss Wee was out as soon as she got in her car seat, I think it was proven to be a full and fun day.

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