Monday, June 10, 2013

First fish of the "summer"

Today is my last day home alone for a long time.  This school year has flown by.  We have Hailey's Kindergarten graduation tonight and tomorrow morning have to go to school for Spencer's fifth grade farewell ceremony.  In a mere two days I will have a child in middle school - these babies of mine are growing up before my eyes and I can't do anything to stop it!

On Saturday it was a pretty nice day and we didn't have any commitments for a change, so we headed down to Grampa Paul's with fishing poles loaded in the mini because the kids have been asking to fish for weeks now.   Luckily the fish were biting -  because even though I know they call the sport "fishing" and not "catching" for a reason, the kids get very frustrated when they can't pull a wiggling little fish out of the water. 

Hailey was the first to catch one with her brand new "big girl" fishing pole and a little help from her daddy.

Evan wasn't far behind with two more.  He was even hooking them on a bare hook.   I think he has learned some tricks of the trade from all the River Monsters he watches.

Then it was Spencer's turn to hook one on.  He was tired - he still hadn't recovered from his class overnight trip to camp.

The weather was a little goofy.  When the sun was out, we were burning hot, but then when it clouded up, you needed your fleece back on.

The kids had a great time and were begging to go back the next day.  Trent even found a boat for himself.

We have lots of events this week so get ready for lots of pictures - that is if I can work the shutter through my tears!  Now I have to hit the thrift stores to see if I can find my husband a suit.  He has made it through forty three years on this Earth without having to own a suit.  He is judging the Miss Teen pageant this week and was informed on the dress code and now thinks he needs one.

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