Saturday, June 8, 2013

Days to look forward to

I found this post stuck into "drafts" and decided I better post it before it gets even more buried.
My kids LIVE for the "special days" at school.  Days that are out of the norm - days where they can dress up or get to go on a field trip out of the classroom.
This week Hailey got to skip her school on Thursday so that she could join Daddy at his school for Take Your Daughter to Work Day.  She was so excited!  She even chose to go with Daddy over Pajama Day at her own school.

Like I just said, the boys had a "Pajama Day" where if they brought in fifty cents to donate to the Relay for Life they could wear their jammies all day.  Of course my boys jumped at that chance.

These last shots are of Spencer all decked out for his class trip to the one room schoolhouse.  I can't get over how much I love these shots - seeing him dressed up as a farm boy is just so darn cute!

Even their lunches had to be authentic to the times.  I found the lunch pail at hobby lobby and he insisted to me that his drink had to be in a Mason jar.  Jostling around the fizzy root beer in a sealed jar made for an interesting walk to the bus.  Spencer was worried it was going to explode!

I have to admit that I kind of love these days as well!

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