Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Graduate

On Monday night Hailey graduated from Kindergarten.  From the amount of pictures I took, you would think it was a high school graduation, but no.  In my defense, little Kindergartners in mortar boards and tassels are way cuter anyway. 

I found these iron on graduation decals on a site online and knew I had to have one for Hailey.  I ordered one for two of her best girlfriends as well.  You couldn't pick a color for the letter - you were set with whatever color they made that letter in.  In a weird coincidence, Olivia's Grandma had made all three girls tutus for Christmas and the tutus wound up matching each girl's shirt perfectly.  

When I was ironing the decal on to the shirt I totally messed up and set the iron back down right on the shirt.  It adhered to and pulled off part of the top of the graduation hat.  I was furious at myself.  Oh well.  I guess she will only wear the shirt a few times anyway.

Then we got the hot rollers out of the back of the closet and tried to fancy up that mop of hers for the evenings festivities!

Look at my beautiful little graduate!

Are those hats not the cutest things ever?  When I saw them in the classroom I told her teacher that I just might cry after all.

They sang three or four songs about what they had learned in Kindergarten.

 And then the teacher's called out their names to come up and get their diploma.

This shot makes me laugh.  It looks like she can't believe something that is going on.

Hailey and her fabulous teacher.  All three of my kids were lucky enough to have her for Kindergarten.  Spencer even got to have her twice because he had her for DK as well.

The graduate and her proud brothers.

I am sure Grama will kill me for posting this because she was sick this night, but I am doing it anyway because I think she looks fine!

It was such a cute ceremony and Hailey did great in it.  It was a super way to end a fantastic year.  I can't believe that my baby girl will be a first grader next year.  Oh my!  I know it will only be a few short years and she will be wearing a cap and gown for real.  I am so tired of my kids growing up so fast!

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