Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sand angels and sand fences

The waves on Lake Michigan were predicted to be huge over the weekend. When Hailey walked into the office and told me that we should ride down to the lake and check out the waves, she didn't have to ask me twice. None of the boys wanted to come along, so it was just the girls heading out to brave the gale force winds.

When we got down to the road that heads along the lake there were signs up saying that the road was closed to through traffic. Other people were heading down there so we ventured on. When we made the turn I could see why the road was closed. There was sand and blowing sand covering the road. I saw a few brave or crazy souls attempting to drive through, but when you see vehicles with four wheel drive struggling, you just know that the mini van is not going to make it. I quickly did a three point turn and got the heck out of there.

We drove down to Bronson Park. Not as picturesque, but at least we could get near the beach without having our car stuck in a foot of sand.

There is something about snow fences that I love. I know their purpose is for the snow. That I don't love. One of the sure signs of spring is when those babies come down in April or May. I don't know what it is - the shadows they cast, the crooked lines, they seem haunting to me a little bit.

Once again, the waves were not as big as I imagined they would be. It was super windy though. Blustery, as Hailey would say - a new word she learned at school this week.

She used the palette of fresh blown sand to make angels.

She could have stayed at that beach playing in the sand for hours. It was cold and blustery though so my old lady bones couldn't take it for long.

I love the wind ripples in the sand.

I set her on the walkway railing for this shot and she was afraid that she was going to blow off. It was not but four feet from the ground, but I guess that is a long way for a little girl.

I love the fall, but I am ready for the wind to stop blowing a bit.

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jensenbo said...

Great photos of the roaring Lake. Glad we weren't on the ferry that day.