Friday, October 2, 2015

Trapped in my phone...

Since I got a phone upgrade yesterday, I was playing around a bit today and found these little gems that I had "written down" in my phone notes for posterity.  Some of them were years ago, but they take me right back and make me laugh.


In no less than five minutes after arriving at our room at the Soaring Eagle...

Hailey: Check for bed bugs.

Evan: This place is fancy.  There are no bed bugs at a fancy hotel like this.  Some people bring like 500 dollars and all their hopes!


Hailey after tasting spinach dip...

Hailey: It tastes like fish....and soap.


On our UP vacay...

Dad: We are going to stop at a place where Monk's live and bake bread.

Hailey:  Are they human?


Playing Apples to Apples.  The topic is slimy.  Spencer puts down treasure.  Evan is the judge.

Evan to Spencer:  It's sliiimmmy not shhhiiiiiinnny.  With his "accent" both words sounding exactly the same.


Thanksgiving topics...

Evan to Dad:  If the Mayflower wasn't so rough I think you would have liked it.   All they could drink was beer.


A walk through the woods....

Evan to Hailey:  Since Spencer and I are the hunters of the family maybe you should be a trapper.

Hailey:  And like TRAP things????  How do you think I would have the guts to do that when I cried so hard when there was a little bit of blood on the ball we were throwing to Goldie?

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