Wednesday, October 7, 2015


This kid.

We had a rough week not long ago where we had different ideas on what constituted starting out the year on a good note.  Fortunately with a little mandatory technology withdrawl it all worked itself out rather quickly.  

At his cross country meet last week as he was running through the chute toward the finish line his show came off.  His coach (who is as fast as lightening or has clones - I swear during these meets he is everywhere you look) grabbed it out of the way before anyone else tripped on it.   He looked at us and said next time I am going to duct tape it on.  To which I replied "Was it even tied in the first place - because most of the time it isn't."  Just think how fast the kid would be with shoes secure on his feet! 

While we were waiting to get in to see the dermatologist (because he has been blessed with skin like his mother. Sigh.) I looked over at him and just chuckled inside at his fashion statement.  He wears those bracelets everyday to school.   Hmmm.

The latest is that he has a girlfriend.  I can remember back to my eighth grade crushes but OMG this is my BABY!

Lord, beer me strength,

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