Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fourteen years

Today we have been married for fourteen years. In honor of the occasion we had chicken tacos for dinner in our messy dining room and then Trent took off to lead his scout troop through a hike in the rain. Can you feel the love? I'm kidding - sort of. This is our life. This is reality. This is how we live and love on a daily basis. Real life isn't all romantic and viewed through rose colored glasses. Marriage is not always easy, but most things that are worth it aren't. So we will eat our so-so dinner, surrounded by our children, in the home we built together and then the best dad ever will go spend time with his son and his friends - in the rain no less. Now can you feel the love?

I love our real life, but it is also nice to get away and be a little romantic. My mom was nice enough to baby sit for us last night so we could go out and celebrate Trent's birthday and our anniversary. We went to Grand Haven and while we were eating Ahi tuna bites and drinking yummy red wine, I reminded Trent that our first kiss happened right down the street. After dinner we set out to reenact it. Seriously, how has he put up with me for fourteen years?

It is quite picturesque now. When the first kiss happened there was a row of Port-a-Jons behind us. Our first kiss was right in front of some Port-a-Jons. Can you feel the romance?

Not bad after two glasses of wine and a self timer as a photographer.

Happy Fourteenth Trent! I can't imagine this life without you !


Brandi said...

Lovely pic of you guys! A very happy anniversary to you both and many, many, many more! :)

Lesley said...

AWESOME pic for self timer!!! Congrats you guys, you are great!!

jensenbo said...

What a neat couple!! My son-in-law is the one of the best!!