Wednesday, September 28, 2011

They've got spirit!

Last week was spirit week at the boys' school. They love these days. Evan especially gets into it. He is such an individual in the way he dresses. He likes what he likes and doesn't really care if anyone else likes it or not. I hope he always keeps that attitude. I can already see Spencer starting to fall into the mindset that others might not think its "cool".

Monday - Pajama Day

It was pouring rain on Monday morning so we had to take a photo inside. It didn't turn out very good on a dark morning indoors. I asked Evan if he was sure he wanted to wear his Santa skeleton jammies - I feared that kids might pick on him because they were clearly Christmas pajamas. He didn't care. He wanted those jammies and that was that.

Tuesday - Team Day

I am sure their Daddy couldn't be more proud!

Wednesday - Mismatch Day

I can't even convey in writing how thrilled Evan was to wear a sport coat and tie to school. Maybe we should have considered prep school for him? Ha! He said his friends told him he looked like a businessman. So funny.

Thursday - Hat Day

I had to pick the boys up from school on Thursday because I had to make sure that Spencer had tennis lessons and Evan had to go straight to karate. So many people commented on how Evan had the most creative hat they had seen. He LOVES this coonskin cap I found him at Goodwill. It is part of his Halloween costume, but he would wear it everyday. Most likely with a sport coat and tie.

Friday - Blue and White Day

The day of the homecoming game. Little sister wanted to show off her school duds with her brothers.

I can't think of any clever way to tie this all together and end it, so I am just going to end it.

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jensenbo said...

What a fun week at school with all the themes going on. Loved their outfits.