Friday, September 30, 2011

To catch a chipmunk

About nine years ago my mom moved out of our childhood home into a new house down by the lake. Ever since then, she has had a chipmunk or chipmunks living in her backyard. I have no idea if it is the same one or relatives of the first one. Hmm...maybe I should have one of the boys google the life expectancy of a chipmunk. Anyway, it has always been a favorite activity to try to catch "Chippy" while they were at Grandma's house. It started out as kind of a joke - because c'mon how are you going to be able to catch a quick little chipmunk.

They tried to catch Chippy. They put out seeds for Chippy. Sometimes they would stick the hose down Chippy's hole and flood him out...Can't you just picture that scene from Caddyshack right now?

Chippy has become very brave and would come around when the kids or my mom was out there. He would get almost close enough for them to touch him. And then one day, Hailey did touch him. He ate sunflower seeds out of her hand.

I had a hard time believing it at first, but my mom and Hailey swore it was true. The next time we were over there I brought my camera to document the feeding on film. Or memory card I guess. We went out back looking for Chippy, but he was no where to be found.

The next morning my mom called and said that he was out running around her yard and she had just fed him out of her hand. I grabbed my camera and the two kids that wanted to feed the little munk and sped down to the lake.

The chipmunk hunters. Hailey picked her own outfit. Can you tell?

Chippy watching us from a branch. We had to hang out back there for a while until he would trust us enough to come close.

Evan making a move. Close, but unsuccessful.

Even closer still.

He got about that close to Evan and then got spooked somehow and took off. Or maybe his mouth was full - those cheeks look pretty stuffed.

Then it was Hailey's turn to try. Maybe Chippy remembered her from before or something because he wasn't tentative at all to eat out of her hand. Notice her shy tongue hanging out.

She was trying to hold still, but I could tell she was starting to freak out a little bit. She was very brave. I don't know if I would want that thing eating out of my hand.

Finally it was Evan's turn again and this time all his patience paid off. He was so excited. He told us that he could feel Chippy's little claws on his hands and they kind of hurt a little. It was a cool experience for them.

At this point Chippy was about full and Hailey was getting bored of waiting on the time clock of a chipmunk so she decided to water Grandma's flowers and plants.

This photo really has nothing to do with the story, but I just can't get over that outfit.

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jensenbo said...

That day was a riot ---- and I love Hai's outfit. I'm glad they got to feed my pet chippy. :)) Haven't seen the little guy in awhile. Do they hibernate for the winter?? :))