Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What "She" Wore Wednesday.

I have seen a couple of blogs where the super trendy fashionable moms do a post called "What I Wore Wednesday". It is a cool idea - but what I wear on most days no one would care to see. I am thrilled when I wake up on a Tuesday or Thursday and realize that I can leave my pajamas on for a while and not take a shower.

Since Hailey now has school on Wednesday and I have taken it upon myself to live fashion vicariously through my tall and slender daughter, I decided to do my own version of "What She Wore Wednesday". We will see how long my muse goes along with it...

Shirt: Gap Kids - garage sale
Skirt: Gap Kids - garage sale
Tights: Children's Place - garage sale (I can't remember if I bought these or my sister)
Shoes: asap (never heard of this brand) - garage sale

I can't remember what I paid for each item but I know the whole ensemble would come to less than ten dollars. She looked so cute and got so many compliments. I am a little bummed because the tights already seem to have a hole in the knee. My next task is to see if I can mend them. I guess you can't expect too much from garage sale tights, but I loved this outfit so much and the tights are an integral part.

This next picture I just had to post today because it made me laugh. Evan woke up early today to take a shower with daddy because last night while the kids were horsing around brushing their teeth, he got toothpaste in his hair. Seriously.

He combed out his hair after the shower and was so proud and excited that you could still see the comb lines in it. He told me that he should take a shower the morning of school pictures so it would look that good in the pictures. I told him why not let me take a picture of them and then he wouldn't have to worry about it. He agreed. I pray that it dried before he got to school. He makes me laugh so hard.

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