Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

I am thinking that Thursday might become my day to head to all my favorite thrift shops. Of course on Thursdays I have Hailey with me and that leads to some unfortunate impulse buys.

Our first stop this morning was Meijer. I had to pay my credit card bill and pick up a few things. I caved and spent the dollar to let Hailey ride in the "movie" cart so I puttered around a bit to give her some extra fancy cart riding time. I found her a dress for next summer for four dollars. I got a pair of shorts for Evan for three dollars. Pajamas for both her and Evan (three piece sets) for six dollars. I still haven't decided whether or not I am going to save these for Christmas. I always get my kids pajamas for Christmas. They certainly could use them now though. How do pajamas get so ratty so fast?

Our next stop was the Goodwill closest to our house. I found two pairs of jeans for one of the boys - whichever they will fit best. Three dollars a pair. Also a cute little dress for Hailey. I think that was three dollars as well. Oh and an impulse buy - that little flower bucket she had to have. At least it matches with her room decor.

Next stop was back to Valueland where we had scored the awesome deals last week. We didn't do quite as well as last week, but not bad at all.

A suade leather coat for Spencer for Halloween. Honestly it is nice enough for him to wear out on dressy occasions. It cost me a dollar fifty. Hailey wanted the Tinkerbell dress to wear to her daddy's play this fall. How could I resist for two dollars. Plus another quarter for the wings.

One of the main reasons I went was to find a Bundt pan. I found this Nordic Ware one and got it half off. A dollar fifty. I was so happy!

I am starting to think I have some sort of obsession with buying little girl shoes. Each pair was two dollars, how could I resist?

Finally, three sweaters for myself. I am so tired of my clothes lately it is nice to have some new options, especially when they cost about two dollars a piece.

I am loving my thrify Thursdays!

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jensenbo said...

Great finds, Jenna!!