Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Who's your Tiger?

The Tiger game was AWESOME! I have never been much of a sports fan. I think in the two and a half years I attended WMU, I went to maybe three football games and no other sporting contests whatsoever. So it is not a stretch that in my forty years on this Earth I have never attended a major league baseball game, or ever really cared that I haven't. Now after having being there, I can't wait to go back!

The atmosphere is intoxicating. Comerica Park sits in downtown Detroit next to Ford Field, across the street from the beautiful Fox theatre and minutes away from Greek Town. Big cities are so amazing! The giant statues around the park are incredible. The tiger heads that have a baseball in their mouths - their eyes light up at night.

Inside the ball park they have a carousel with all tigers to ride on. They have a ferris wheel where the seats are giant baseballs. The whole place is just super cool!

My Uncle Norm on the field getting ready to throw out the ceremonial first pitch.

We were all so proud of him. My Uncle Norm is the kind of uncle that always joins in the kickball or baseball with the kids. He was the one who started the spanking machines on our birthdays and we loved it. He is the one that gets his great nephews and nieces riled up with games where they can push him down a giant slide even though I am sure his muscles are feeling it the next day. He is an amazing person with a huge heart - just an all around great guy. I am so glad he was chosen to do this.

My frozen "Tiger blood". Charlie Sheen would be so proud. I don't think they really called it that, but I did.

Part of our bus group of fifty seven! That is a lot of Tiger fans!

Evan's favorite part of the game was when they played Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" over the loudspeaker and the eyes of the tigers on the scoreboard lit up green.

His second favorite part was when the Tigers won the game in overtime with a home run and they started the fountain.

It was a magical night. I got my "Motor City" shirt in the mail and am ready to go back anytime and wear it! World Series anyone?

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