Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On a whim...

My "to do" list is a mile long and growing.

Our list of summer projects that we wanted to accomplish has one thing crossed off of it.

We are rapidly running out of time in the summer of 2011 and that is exactly why we didn't worry about any of the "lists" and decided on a whim that an afternoon at the beach was in order - black paint all over our bodies be damned!

I am so glad that we did. The breeze was just enough so that you never felt hot. The waves were just big enough that the kids had a ball playing in them and I never feared that they may be in danger.

I promise that Evan really does eat. Even though this picture makes it appear that he doesn't.

Ev was his old self today. He has had some issues this summer. At times he seems to be becoming more of an introvert and I have no idea why. But today, he was laughing and getting along with his siblings and smiling for my camera every time he saw it pointed his way. The two of us even went on a short walk to scout out some locations for a shoot I have later this week. I snapped shot after shot of him and he would ask me "Did I look good in that one?" So funny.

The kids are in love with my old boogie boards. I am so glad Trent never convinced me to sell them. Now I am on the lookout for a third! Hailey wants her own!

Hailey has not taken a nap for the past three or four days. I fear our napping days are behind us. She was tired today though. She crawled up on me with her towel and her yummy fingers.

On our walk Evan found a piece of a bike tire tube. Of course he brought it home with him. Some things about him will never change!

Oh Summer! Why do you have to go so soon?

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jensenbo said...

Love the lake photos of the kids having a blast at our beautiful Lake!! What a fun time!! Nice post!