Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Trick of the trade

I was editing pictures today from a recent photo gig and was very excited to learn a new photo trick. I have noticed that when I look at the pictures that I put on my blog, they don't look as crisp on the blog as they do in the pictures folder. I found out today that there is a little trick known as sharpening for web.

I decided to try it on two of my favorite photos from our vacation. I know I will have many more favorites. I haven't even begun to sort through the over seven hundred pictures I took on our eight days away from home. Gulp! How many rolls of film would that have been back in the day? I used to shoot mainly rolls of twenty four - so we are talking about around twenty nine rolls of film. A little excessive? Maybe.

Anyway here they are. SOOC shot:

Sharpened for web shot. I don't see a lot of difference here. I am wondering if it was because I had such a long exposure to catch the waterfall. I still love this shot.

I loved this picture the instant I took it. It is so hard to catch moments like this between these two. SOOC shot:

Sharpened for web shot. Holy smokes what a difference! I almost think it is too sharp. Hailey's hair looks a little "solid" or something.

Another thing to add to my pile of stuff to do. It is always fun to learn something new!

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jensenbo said...

I can really see a difference in the two shots. Second one is sooo much clearer and sharper!!