Monday, July 25, 2011

Refuge in the river

"Eventually, all things merge into one and a river runs through it."
-Norman Maclean

We spent an overnight last week at the cabin. If I claim Lake Michigan as my "strength" - this would be Trent's - the Pere Marquette river. Though the water only gets to fifty something degrees (in the summer) he has walked in this river from the months of March through October.

And his children are following in his footsteps.

It was over cast and over ninety degrees outside and the water was so cold that there was a layer of mist above the river. As the sun started to come out and burn off the mist, Spencer noticed it was disappearing. When we asked him why we thought that was he answered "Because we are getting too close to it?". We all had a good laugh.

Evan is always on the hunt for "treasures". Even treasures covered with algae.

Little sister is getting brave in the water.

In the evening Trent casted off the dock a few times and Evan was thrilled to run into the cabin and let us know that for the first time ever (debatable...) a fish was caught off the dock.

Since no one was around, little sister thought running around in her unders would keep her cooler.
We brought up a little TV that the boys could use for their plug n' play games. This kept them very entertained in the late evening and early morning.

For additional morning entertainment, Spencer performed some cereal balancing tricks on his sleeping brother.

It was so hot up north that we couldn't stand the thought of another night without our air conditioning. Neither could Dickens and Hailey.

We also took an awesome rafting trip on the river. It was the first time we had ever done that with the kids and it was a great time. I bought a disposable camera at the rental place for $16.50 (gasp!) and took some shots on the river. If I ever figure out how to get them developed (does anyone even do that anymore???) I will post them.

Pickles are good and so are days spent at the cabin!

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jensenbo said...

Great time on the PM!! Love the photos!