Friday, July 22, 2011


We picked some beans from our garden today. Ten beans. Ten beans is all we have to show for all of our work so far. I had to put up more netting today because now I think the rabbits are getting in and nibbling on the budding vegetables. I think we have managed to keep the deer away with our net system, but the whole thing looks like some complex fish trap and it is extremely hard to get near the plants and weed and do whatever else we have to do on a daily basis. Inspect for remains of what critters ate the night before is what it seems like we do mostly.

I keep reminding myself that this is the first year we have tried this and eventually we will figure out what we are doing. I hope we get more than our ten beans out of this garden or I am not so sure.

The beans were really good. The kids and I each devoured our two and a half beans a piece. I guess that makes it seem pretty worth it.

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dr said...

Your garden is very cool - I would definitely keep trying and try again next year. You'll have a system down in no time. Give it a few years to learn about your soil, pests, and other conditions. I have never had much of a green thumb myself - wish I did - but am also enjoying seeing our harvest emerge this summer. If nothing else, we should have zucchini...