Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bike time!

Look who learned how to ride a two wheeler! He was so close last year, I really thought that he would get it before Spencer did. He just lacked confidence in himself. He still mastered it two full years younger than Spencer was.

My kids are not that crazy about bike riding. Except for Hailey - she is loco about riding her bike. In fact, I think I may try her on the two wheeler this summer. I bet she will almost be able to do it.

We gently "pushed" him into practicing two wheels by telling him that if everyone could ride bikes, one of these nights we could pedal to the ice cream place.

Isn't the teaching of bike riding traditionally a "dad" job? So far I have taught both boys how to ride. I have been the one running in the street with my hand on a kids' shirt. A mother's work is never done.

Once he mustered up his confidence and got his balance, he was riding around like a champ. It also didn't hurt that I told him if he could ride it I would run down the slip and slide fully clothed.
He still has some practicing to do with getting his balance when he first gets on the bike, but once he gets going he cruises. We are so proud of him and he is pretty proud of himself too.

I had to include this picture of bikini clad sister riding her bike. Who dresses these kids anyway? Did you catch what Evan had on? A Hawaiian party shirt, mesh shorts and orange Crocs. Cutting edge.

So I had to go on the slip and slide fully clothed. The boys were so excited. They asked if they could tape it and put it on YouTube. Hailey was just afraid I would break the "slippy slide". Can you feel the love?


dr said...

Evan looks so proud of himself! Did you go for that bikeride to get ice cream, then? Love Hailey's bike / bikini biker-babe combo. I see that photo appearing at her graduation party a few years from now.

jensenbo said...

Good job, Voo --- even though that bike looks dink. :))