Thursday, July 7, 2011

Out of hiding

Hailey's doll - Mirabel Baby - has been missing for quite a while. Every time I would ask her where she was she would get a weird look on her face and tell me that she didn't know. I wasn't too concerned about it. I figured she was somewhere in the wreckage of the tornado that goes through our basement on a weekly basis.

Today as I was trying to put a dent into cleaning the office, I found her shoved into a corner under the work table. I pulled her out and immediately realized the reason for the weird look on Hailey's face.

Apparently she thought Mirabel Baby needed to wear some make up since she was growing up. Luckily the "make up" came off without too much effort and she has promised to not color or write on her dolls anymore.

I tell you, that girl...I know she is not too into dolls, but I always thought that it would be her brothers destroying her stuff.


jensenbo said...

Oh how funny!!! I am still laughing at Mirabel doll and Hailey!! :))

dr said...

Mirabel baby is a little scary.