Monday, June 27, 2011

Time to purge the Post-its.

I have so many things I feel like I need to post about. A whirlwind trip to Chicago. An early summer visit to the cabin which involved an Evan photo shoot. A potentially championship winning baseball season and of course general summer awesomeness.

But I am overwhelmed. So for now I am clearing some papers from my desk and posting some of Hailey's greatest quips from the last few months.

Bringing in her Belle doll for school show and tell -

Mom: What are you going to tell your class about Belle?

Hailey: That she used to be Belle but she is not Belle anymore. Now she is a new girl named Hodel.

She was a bit confused that the girl student that played "Belle" in last year's musical Beauty and the Beast was now playing "Hodel" in Fiddler on the Roof.

To understand this, you have to realize that the way they signal for the Cub Scouts to be quiet is to hold their arm up in the air with two fingers raised to form a "v". When the Scouts see this they do the same and know to pay attention.

We were in the car listening to the Kid's Bop CD and I was singing along.

Hailey: Mom! Be quiet! Stop singing!

Mom keeps on singing.

Hailey: Mom? Do you see my hand in the mirror?

I look into the rear view and see her arm raised and hand making the scout signal.

Hailey: That means for you to BE QUIET!


Lately in church Hailey doesn't want to go to Sunday school with the big kids. She wants to sit in the under three nursery with the babies.

Mom: What did you learn in church tonight? Or didn't you learn anything because you played with the babies instead of going to big kid church?

Hailey: I learned something!

Mom: What did you learn?

Hailey: I learned that you have to be careful with babies!

I hope she didn't learn that the hard way!

The evening after a night time thunderstorm -

Hailey: Mom? Is God gonna bowl tonight?


Hailey: Are robbers nocturnal?

Mom: Are what nocturnal?

Hailey: Robbers?

Mom: Robbers are just regular people. But naughty people.

Hailey: Then why do they come out mostly at night?

Evan: Because it's way easier to steal stuff in the dark!!!!

Hailey: Are we going to go to a well soon?

Mom: A what?

Hailey: A well. You know where your dreams come true?

Mom: Oh, you mean like a wishing well.

Hailey: Yeah. When are we going to go to a wishing well?

We took the kids to a community theatre production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Ever since Hailey has been obsessed with it. While going through VHS tapes for our garage sale I found a version of it starring Donny Osmond and a Veggie Tales version called The Ballad of Little Joe.

Hailey: I want to watch Joseph. Not the pickle Joseph but the real guy.

The comments that gave me the final push to join a gym.

Hailey: Mom is there a baby in your belly? Cause your belly is really fat.

While watching a video of Hailey's class that her teacher made.

Mom: See if you can find your fat lump of a Mama in the show.

Spencer: You're not fat Mom!

Hailey: Yes she is!

Mom: Come here I need to put bug spray on you.

Hailey: Why?

Mom: So the mosquito's don't get you.

Hailey: Can you put coyote spray on me too so coyotes don't get me?


Brandi said...

I couldn't reply back... you came up as a 'no-reply'. Anywho, here's my response:

Thanks! :) No, these are SOOC. I cropped them to straighten them up a bit b/c I was snapping so fast... but it was just bright out there. We waited until 5pm to go out and we probably could have waited another hour for better lighting. The kids were having a hard time keeping their eyes open. We also dressed them in pretty bright colors... we generally do all white shirts, but I really liked the color.

Okay, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new header pic! So fun!!! And, now i have to go back and read this post, 'cause I didn't read it yet. :)

Brandi said...

OMWord! Totally. cracking. up.!!! That girl is a ham! ;)

jensenbo said...

That Hai-bay is a riot!! I'm still laughing!!