Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We celebrated the summer solstice and tried to escape from the crazy heat and humidity by having Grama take us to the yacht club pool.

Hailey showed off her new swimming skills. She started lessons yesterday.

Spencer and Evan dove for torpedoes and little magnetic fish.

Evan did cannonballs off the side and tried to coax Hailey into jumping in off the side. She is still a little nervous to have her whole head submerged.

It was a great day at the pool. We are eager to get into Lake Michigan, but the temperatures have been frigid. I think today it was fifty eight or something equally as numbing, odd for the middle of June.

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jensenbo said...

I'm glad we went to the pool ---- it was so nice there and the water so refreshing, but guess what?? I got some sunburn ---- even though the sun wasn't that bright. :))