Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Still a few years from the DMV

On the last morning of a week spent with visiting cousins, we got the Jeep out and running. Hailey's driving skills had improved immensely from the last time she drove it in the fall.

Mirabel watched Hailey driving around the yard with a look of intrigue. When Hailey asked her if she wanted a ride she answered with a still unsure "no".

I love this picture that shows Hailey about to take off and Mira changing her mind and deciding that she did want a ride.

I am already dreading the amount of trouble that these little girls will be getting into in twelve (hopefully more) years when they can drive a real car. Sure they look all sweet and innocent here, but these two are firecrackers.

Mira quickly got over her apprehension and decided that she wanted to try out her mad driving skills. She did a good job for her first time behind the wheel. She had a little trouble steering and was terrified of going into the road to turn around even though I stood out there to be a watch and guard them from cars. That's fine by me, better to be safe than sorry.

This picture makes me laugh because of the size difference in these two girls. They are only a year apart. This photo makes Hailey look like an Amazon woman.

Hailey's reaction to driving the Jeep at full speed - five miles per hour. She drove it fast for a few rounds then asked me to make it go slow again. I guess my girl is not a speed junkie - again, not a bad thing in my opinion.

It was fun watching these two interact with the Jeep. I just wish we had hauled it out a few days sooner.


dr said...

Love these photos! This was so funny. Mira was so hesitant and scared to steer and hit the gas simultaneously, but Hailey was a champ! Look out NASCAR.
I was mourning the fact that I took NO photos while in MI this time. Hope to see some more of yours soon.

jensenbo said...

These photos made me laugh!! What cute little cousins having fun in their hot-rod car. :)) Can't wait to see Bel and Bug again!!