Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cue the game hecklers and get out your money...

We have been busy. I am using that as an excuse to why I have been so bad at keeping up with the blog. It is true though. Now that we are finished with swimming lessons and t-ball and baseball, I think things will finally start to mellow out a bit.

We did manage to squeeze into our busy schedule a trip downtown to the festival midway. The kids were so excited for this. We told them we would go on Friday since it was dollar day and that is really the only way we would ever go in the first place with three kids wanting to ride every ride they see. Friday also happened to be the last day of swimming for Evan and Hailey. As we sat at the pool and watched them show off their strokes and play around in the pool, I wanted nothing more than to jump in with my clothes on. It was so hot! I felt like I was going to pass out sitting next to the pool, I had no desire to go kicking around a carnival in that kind of heat. I tried my best to lure the kids to the beach instead but they were having none of it.

Off to the carnival we went. It is always funny to me how I can gauge my kids growth each year by how tall they measure on the "safe to ride" signs posted on each ride. This year Spencer was tall enough for every ride, Evan was the next level down - just barely - next year he will be able to ride whatever he wants with his big brother. Hailey was hot on their heels - little sister has some long legs.

The boys went on the swing for the first time. Evan is in the red seat (touching the rail in this picture). Spencer is just on the outside of him.

I love the pictures I can get of them on this little roller coaster. Hailey was tall enough to ride this with them and she was going to but then chickened out at the last minute.

I can't get enough of the gap in Evan's mouth. He lost one of his top front teeth last week. His smile is so cute I can hardly stand it.

Hailey was content to ride the smaller rides all on her own. She loved puttering by on the little train.

This is a ride that we haven't seen before. They strap in like they are hang gliding and then fly around in a circle. The boys went on this twice. They loved it!

That is them at the top of the photo. I really have to work on not being an overprotective mom at things like this. My first instinct is to tell them that they can't ride it because it is probably put together crappily and they might fly off into the sky and crash. Cue the Scarlett O'Hara mantra....

Spencer and Dad on the ferris wheel. We all went on this ride together - maybe for the last year. The kids are getting so big that next year we may have to split up.

Hailey was starting to get really tired and hot at this point. I really can't blame her - I was in dire need of a sno cone myself.

One of the favorite rides is the Himalaya. This is another one that I love to take pictures off. The expressions on their faces are priceless!

While the boys threw away their money on junk - I mean tried their luck at the games, Hailey and I used up the last of the tickets on the carousel. She had the whole thing to herself.

The kids had a ball, we didn't melt and we were out of there in about two hours. All in all a pretty good day at the festival!


jensenbo said...

Oh, my ---- I loved all the photos and felt every ride my grandkids were on. I'm so glad you all went to the carnival this year --- the rides are so scary and yet sooo much fun!!!

dr said...

Sorry we didn't get to go downtown to see the carny with you. Although Mira likely wouldn't have braved many of the rides.

Cool photos!