Monday, August 29, 2011

Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks...

Tomorrow we are headed to Detroit to watch my uncle throw out the first pitch at the Tiger game. It is going to be a family adventure as a lot of my extended family has rented a bus to drive us there and back for the game. I have never been to a major league baseball game before or even in a major league ball park so I am pretty excited.

I realized the other day as pictures were streaming across my screen saver that I never posted any pictures of Evan or Hailey during their baseball seasons. Now is as good a time as any I figure, so here they are! I just found some of my favorites of each of them.

Evan in the outfield.

Trying to adjust the batting helmet.

I love how intent he looks in this shot and I also love how shooting through the fence gives it a sort of vignette.

Again in the outfield. He hated being in the outfield but he doesn't have the catching and throwing skills to spend much time in the action.

He enjoyed playing this year and I loved watching him. It was so different from when Spencer played. To be honest when his season started I was totally dreading it, but when your kid actually hits the ball and gets on base, the game can be pretty exciting!

Number six at bat! I love how in this shot he looks like he is looking over at the camera. Maybe he was, but most likely he was listening to a coach or someone.

Getting some coaching from Daddy at first base.

Ready to run to third!

Waiting on third with a little bit of style!

Their team had a great season. They ended the season being fifth out of sixth teams but in the playoffs came back and made it to the finals. They ultimately lost in the finals but not by a landslide. Evan was very excited about his big trophy.

Hailey played tee ball this year through community services. When the boys played tee ball the teams had fifteen or sixteen kids on them. She started off with seven and usually only had four show up for the games. I was disappointed. It doesn't seem like the program is very popular anymore. I don't know if she will want to play next summer or decide to do something else.

Catching the ball!

Throwing the ball.

Filling her glove with dirt.

Waiting for some grounders.

Hitting the ball. BT Dub - another lefty.

Hydrating on the bench out of a princess water bottle.

Accepting a trophy for a season well played.

And what could be better than a trophy? A trophy and a popsicle!

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jensenbo said...

I loved watching Ev play baseball---it made the spring season pretty exciting when his team made it to the finals. And Hailey was fun to watch, but it seemed somewhat unorganized. Maybe next year will be better.