Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pink! Pink! Pink!

There has been a pink glow coming from our upstairs for a few days now. It is not a new nightlight or the beams of a beautiful sunset. It is the reflection of light off the walls of Hailey's new big girl room.

After over ten years, the nursery is no more. The yellow paint has been covered with pink. The flashcard border has been removed and thrown away. The ABC themed accessories have been packed into a box in hopes that Hailey or one of the boys' wives with exquisite taste will want to use them in their own nurseries some day. And just for the record, I wasn't sad - it was time - our four and a half going on twelve year old needed a space that was her own.

We bought two colors of pink. The one I call bubblegum and the other can only be described as fuchsia. My vision was two walls one color, two walls the other. The painter (Daddy) and the little girl that would inhabit the room had a different idea. At the end of the job we had one wall a sweet bubblegum color and three walls fuchsia-riffic. It looks good - just a bit on the dramatic side.

Little by little we are trying to get the room completely together. We don't have anything on the walls yet. I have a couple of projects that I am working on for that. I am looking for a new or upcycled bookcase for her. We went through her books and I was very impressed at how many "baby-baby" titles she was willing to part with. Today I have been painting a dresser that I bought at an estate sale white and spray painting the clothes hooks that were on her door and closet door pink. I still want Daddy to make her a platform for her bed.

She is thrilled with it and is so proud to show it off to anyone that comes over. Little by little we are making progress - finding things here and there. The fun is in the hunt anyway!

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jensenbo said...

She going to love sleeping in her pink-fushia room. Good job with the painting and decorating!